Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics

About Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was a scientist who paved the way for genetics and heredity by testing his theories on pea plants.

Early Years


  • Got high marks in school
  • Was accepted into the University of Olomouc
  • His family was poor
  • He spoke a different language at home than he did at school

Experimental design

Mendel's Plan

Cross different pea plants with different characteristics randomly and document what happens.

Fact or Example

  • The dominant gene will always show through
  • If you cross a red, sweet apple and a green, tart apple you will most likely end up with a red, tart apple.


Specific Data

1. Mendel crossed a yellow seeded plant and a green seeded plant and it came out with a yellow seeded plant

2.He crossed two of the new yellow seeded plants and got a couple of green plants

3.Two of the new green plants could not make a yellow plant

What this means

The yellow gene is dominant but the green gene is still there. So, when you crossbreed a yellow and green plant you will always get a yellow plant but if you cross the new green and yellow plants there is a chance you will get a green plant instead of a yellow plant.


Scientists could not fully understand how his experiments found out anything new about genetics.


Mendel's theory helped us to understand how the same things happened in other organisms. Through Mendel’s experiment on pea plants we were able to figure out how it happened in humans and other living organisms.



Definition: A gene that will overpower another gene

Example: In Mendel's experiment the yellow was the dominant gene so it showed over the green.


Definition:A gene that gets covered up by another gene

Example: In Mendel's experiment the green was the recessive gene so it got covered up by the yellow gene.


Definition:A gene that is neither dominant or recessive (Both genes would show up)

Example: Some flowers have a codominant trait in them so they will have two colors in the pedals.