The App Generation

By Tricia

Do we even have a "voice" anymore?

The explosion of apps and social media has limited many of us from actually having a "face-to face" conversation with one another. This, for some, is by choice. It is much easier to send a text, a tweet, or a post on Facebook than to talk to someone in person or talk to them on the phone.

How do you see yourself in the "App Mirror"?

There are many apps available for one to choose from. The apps that you choose and what you do with them give you a sense of identity. You can tell a lot from a person by looking at their apps such as interests, habits, and social interactions. Not only do you change from day to day when you look in the mirror, but your "App Mirror" can also change depending on what apps you have on a certain day.

Imagining our imaginations at a different level.

The use and variety of apps has allowed us to use our imaginations in a different way. The use of video, photo apps, music apps, etc. have allowed us to expand our imagination beyond what we ever imagined.

The shift from "cookie cutter" learning to individualized learning.

These chapters summarize the degrees in which learners can choose a learning style that best fits them to learn at their maximum potential.