Taylor's Reading History

A Look Into Taylor's Reading Imagination

Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors. I feel like the way she writes, I have the chance to connect with the character, and situations. This is what I look for in an author, a book where I can relate and become part of the story. This is why I love reading realistic fiction so much because I have the chance to be connected to the story and relate to it. My favorite book by Sarah Dessen is Just Listen.

Science Fiction

After realistic fiction, I enjoy reading science fiction. I love the mystery and trill of these books and can't wait to read more. Some of my favorite science fiction books are The Hunger Games series, The Matched series, and the Harry Potter series. They all keep me so interested and captured my attention quickly, from the first chapter.

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In my reading history I have learned that I love reading. I have been encouraged greatly by my family to continue reading and how to enjoy it by picking books that capture my interests. My family and friends always kept me reading. I love reading Realistic fiction books, were I can relate to the characters and situations. I also love Science fiction books, where my attention is always being grabbed at. I have taken my love for reading to a new level in the last few years and have become an avid reader. If I ever have free time, I love to grab a book and relax. I think it is important for me to have this time to keep up on my reading and also become connected with books. In the future I am going to continue being an avid reader, and pushing myself to think deeper into the books.