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Easily Capture Learning in Any Form

Seesaw empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. With support for QR code login for younger learners, Seesaw works in any K-12 classroom
Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview

Creativity-Lesson Ideas K-2

Creativity-Lesson Ideas 3-5


You can create folders and invite other teachers to share student accounts.

Example 1: I can create an Art folder. Students can take pictures or a video of their artwork. Back in the classroom, students can write a reflection on their artwork and comment on others artwork.

Example 2: Use SeeSaw for running records. Record students and see how their reading improves over time. These folders can be shared with Title 1, Reading Recovery, Intervention, or Special Ed teachers.

Example 3: Another teacher and I are doing a Journalism club. We both have access to the folders. We can see and comment on the pieces students are creating. For students, they can write, take pictures, and create videos for Journalism which allows those students who may not be proficient writers to succeed.


Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. You can also import directly from most popular apps.
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Seesaw helps capture the learning process, not just the end result. Students can use Seesaw's built-in audio recording and drawing tools to reflect on what they've learned or explain how they got their answer.
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Seesaw gives students an authentic audience of their peers and parents, encouraging better work and real feedback. Teachers can control who can see what, and what feedback options are available.
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Invite Parents

Parents can subscribe to their child's SeeSaw Journal.

  1. Personalized communication with parents.
  2. Parents only get updates on their child and can only view their child's journal.
  3. iOS or Android notifications of when new content is added; no extra work for teacher.
  4. Visual updates engage parents and cross language barriers.
  5. Secure and private--only accessible by teacher, students, and parents of child as well as any invited teacher.
  6. Quick parent invite process.

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How to Invite Parents

  • Turn "Enable Parent Access" ON in class settings.
  • Decide whether to allow likes or comments.
  • Send home the Parent Invite handout.
  • Follow up if necessary.

Publishing and Producing applications compatible with SeeSaw.....

Adobe Voice: Import from Camera Roll

Animoto: Share > Copy Link. Paste into Seesaw.

Book Creator: Share > Export as Video or Export as PDF > Seesaw In Safari > Share > Seesaw - OR - Share > Copy > Paste into Seesaw

Comic Life: Share > Share as PDF > Seesaw

ChatterPix: Share > Photos. Save video to the Camera Roll. Import from Camera Roll.

Doceri: Tap Share > Share as PDF > At Each Slide > More > Seesaw

DoInk: Import from Camera Roll.

Doodle Buddy: Import from Camera Roll.

Dropbox: To add a link to an item in your Dropbox tap Share > Seesaw. This will generate a link to the item in your Dropbox. If you want to add the PDF as a PDF, you need to tap Share > Open in ... (A app icon on bottom row of options) > Seesaw. This will export the PDF as a PDF.

Edmodo: Tap Item (Photo, Video, PDFs) > Share > Open in Another App > Seesaw

Educreations (free version): Share > Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw

Educreations (paid version): Share > Open In > Seesaw

Evernote: More [...] > Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw

Explain Everything: Export Movie > More > More > MP4 Open In > Seesaw

Google Docs: Tap ... Menu for doc > Share and Export > Send a Copy > PDF > Seesaw

Google Drive: i button for item > Export > Open In > Seesaw

Google Slides: ... Menu for doc > Share and Export > Send a Copy > PDF > Seesaw

Haiku Deck: Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw

Keynote: Share > Open in Another App > Seesaw

iMovie: Share > Seesaw

Lego Movie Maker: Import from Camera Roll

My Story: Import from Camera Roll

Notability: Share > Share > PDF > Share Note > Seesaw

Numbers: Share > Open in Another App > Seesaw

Pages: Share > Open in Another App > PDF > Seesaw

Paper by FiftyThree: Share > Send to App > Seesaw

Pic Collage: Share > More > Save Image. Import from Camera Roll.

Popplet: Share > Save JPG to Camera Roll. Import from Camera Roll

PuppetPals: Import from Camera Roll

Prezi: Share > Copy > Paste link into Seesaw

Scanner Pro: Share > Open In > Page as JPG or Page as PDF > Seesaw

Screen Chomp: Share > Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw

Shadow Puppet Edu: Share > Seesaw

Show Me (free): Share > Open in Safari > Share > Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw

Show Me (paid): Import from Camera Roll

Skitch: Share > Other App > Seesaw

Sock Puppets (paid): Import from Camera Roll

Sonic Pics: Import from Camera Roll

Stop Motion Studio: Share > Open in > Seesaw

Storehouse: Share > Copy Link > Paste into Seesaw

Story Patch: Share > Email PDF > Open PDF in Email > Share > Seesaw

Tellagami: Import from Camera Roll

TeleStory: Import from Camera Roll

ThingLink: Share > Seesaw - or - Share > Copy > Paste into Seesaw

Toontastic (paid): Import from Camera Roll

Write About It: Import from Camera Roll

YouTube: Share > Copy link > Paste into Seesaw

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How do I "push" an item out to my students?

If you want to upload an item into Seesaw for all of your students to make their own edits on top of, here’s how:

First, make sure that you have Student Editing ON for your class. Tap Your Profile Icon > Manage Class > Enable Student Editing > ON.

How to post an assignment for students:

  1. Add the item into Seesaw from your teacher account. Works with images, drawings or notes.
  2. Tag it with Everyone.
  3. Have students tap the [...] button below the item and choose “Copy & Edit”. This will duplicate the item and students can make their own annotations on top of it.
  4. When they're finished, students should submit the item like normal. It will show up as a new item in your teacher approval queue.

**Seesaw does not yet support drawing on top of a PDF.