SCUBA Instructor

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Specific Tasks and Duties

A SCUBA instructor teaches diving techniques to people who wan't to dive recreationally or obtain their scuba certification. A Scuba instructor also has to be physically fit so they can handle the amount of physical activity that the job requires like, transporting equipment, driving students to dive sites, stocking the boat with supplies.
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Salary Range

The average salary for a SCUBA instructor is $51,000 for commercial divers, although most starter dive instructors begin with a salary of $20,000 to $22,000 dollars a year.

Education and Additional Training

Although there is no real formal degree required, all Scuba Instructors need to take a diving training course. In addition to having the training course certification, they also need to have CPR and First Aid training and a medical statement signed by a physician stating that they are fit to dive.
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Skills Required

A Scuba Instructor needs to be able to work with heavy Scuba equipment and be able to work in unsteady waters while staying calm. They also need to have good people skills, because they will be working with all sorts of people and need to be professional. Along with all of these skills a Scuba Instructor must have an interest in the ocean and teaching.

Work Conditions

Scuba diving instructors work in a variety of locations like, beaches, resorts, cruise ships and dive shops.

Employment Trends and Hours

The predicted job growth is 29% by 2022. Between actual diving trips and indoor diving classes, a Scuba Instructor works 45 hours a week but the exact hours can fluctuate depending the location.
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