Mark's Monday Morning Memo

February 8, 2016

Spirit Week

We will be participating in Spirit Week February 16-19, 2016. This is a four day week and the themes for the spirit days are:

Tuesday, February 16 - Mismatched and Mixed-Up Day

Wednesday, February 17 - Wacky Hair Day

Thursday, February 18 - Groovy Day! Flashback to the 60's and 70's

Friday, February 19 - Tropical/Summer Wear Day

Also, the Rice Lake School Wide Pajama Day for meeting, and exceeding, our box top goal will take place on Friday, February 26th!

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You Can Help By Remembering To:

Park in the east parking lot if you are at Rice Lake the entire day. This helps make more room in the north lot for parents and visitors.

Use the sign-out, sign-in in the office if you need to leave the building. This helps to know who is in and out of the building.

Have private, confidential conversations in a quiet, non-public place. This helps eliminate others from overhearing private and confidential information.

Thank you for helping with these practices.


I recently learned about the Bitmoji app that I downloaded to my iPad that allows me to create my Bitmoji and see my Bitmoji in a variety of setting and situations. You can use this fun app to share with students, parents, and colleagues in newsletters, blogs, presentations, and any creative way you can think of!
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