Anne Frank

By: Hunter Jackson

Who is Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a young girl who went into hiding during the holocaust. She hid with her family and the Vann Daan's in a secret annex above a warehouse in Amsterdam. Anne is very outgoing and loud spoken. She will argue with you if she does not agree with something that you say or do. Anne argues with almost everybody in the annex when they tell her that she should be more quiet and soft spoken. Anne tells them that she will never be that way and they will just have to accept her for who she is. Anne starts to fall in love with Peter Vaan Daan, she starts to spend all the time she can with him.
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A Pencil

A pencil can describe Anne very well because she writes in her diary every chance she gets. Her diary is like her best friend she puts all of her feelings in it and dreams of getting the diary published into a book. Anne dreams of becoming an author and going to Paris and writing tons of books. Anne writes in her diary all day long while they have to be quiet so they are not heard by the men working below them. Her diary is the most important thing to Anne it is always right by her side so she can put something in it whenever she wants, if anyone touches it she will yell at them.
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A Monkey

A monkey would describe Anne because she is very curious. She is always asking Miep to get her the latest celebrity news and magazines. Anne puts up pictures of different celebrities in her room in the annex. Anne is always trying to find out more about the people that she is living with, which sometimes gets her in trouble. Miep brings Anne the magazines and sits and talks with her about all the new events that are happening. Anne's diary is the only person that she talks about personal stuff with besides Peter.


Courage is shown in this story. They show courage when they go into hiding because they don't just go to the camps like all of the other Jews. They knew that they would be in even more trouble if they got caught hiding but they would rather have a greater chance of living if they just made the Nazis come find them. Peter shows courage when he offers to go down and see what the sound was when the robber came into the warehouse below them, he could have been caught by the Green Police and taken to the concentration or death camps. They had to wear all of their clothes when they were moving to the annex so they didn't get caught by police, that takes courage because if they were wearing a coat in the middle of the summer the police would get suspicious. Courage is shown throughout this story just from them taking the chance of having Miep provide them with food and other supplies.

Family is Important

Family is important is shown by the Franks. If it wasn't for Anne and Margot their parents probably have just gave up and let the Nazis take them. Their family is very close so when they are getting ready to be found they all get together and say a prayer. If it wasn't for having family there hey all would have probably gave up and exposed themselves. Family gave them hope and hope gives you the will to survive. Their families stayed together nobody gave up. If somebody would have gave up they would have exposed them all.