LMST Newsletter

Inspire, Unlock, Empower

Welcome to LMST's inaugural Fall/Winter Season

We here at LMST are so excited to get this season rolling. We have a great group of kids and a wonderful facility. We hope that as the season progresses that we help each and every swimmer to be inspired, to unlock their potential, and to empower them in their academic and athletic endeavors. Swimming is a great sport for young people. USA Swimming has studies that prove that swimming as a sport helps young athletes out of the pool and across their lifetimes. Character, work ethic, time management and social skills are just some of the advantages that swimmers have taken away from their swimming experiences. We hope that all of our swimmers will also have fun and develop friendships and build memories while they are working hard.


October 11th is the first LMST home meet of the season

Swim meets are fun and exciting. If your swimmer is new to competitive swimming they may be anxious about what to do and how they will do. The biggest challenge is for young swimmers to learn that getting in and racing is fun and that everyone in the pool can be a winner. Trying a new event, getting a best time, executing a skill correctly and so much more are all ways that swimmers win when they compete. The coaches will prepare them for the meet and will assist them on competition day. If they are anxious, that is part of the learning experience and their coaches will help them. We encourage all of our swimmers to try competition at some point. If you missed the registration deadline or have any questions please contact Brian Ruffles or Bobby Kelley.
Ryan Lochte - Backstroke Technique