April Showers...

Stults Road MTA Dyslexia April Update

STAAR Season

This is the season for all students in Texas taking state assessments. Our scheduling might have to be adjusted here and there, in order to accommodate students receiving their final test prep activities in class.

Be sure to check with your child's teacher about any accommodations that he/she receives in class. Some students have accommodations written into their Individualized Plans or 504 plans when you met with the committee at school. Keep in mind that each child's learning situation is different and may not require the same tools.

Learning Ally Reminder

Please remember that your child has a Learning Ally account. This is an online program that allows your child to have access to a lot of popular books online. The book is read to them and many of them have illustrations. This program was purchased by RISD especially for dyslexic students.

Students have built in time every other week to log in during thier MTA classtime, however they would be able to spend more time on the program at home. I've taught them how to access and download books saved for them. If they have misplaced their login and passwords, I'll give them another copy.

Log in at www.learningally.org.

Famous With Dyslexia

Frequently Answered Questions...

*There are 7 total Kits with the Multisensory Teaching Approach Program (MTA).

*Each kit usually takes 5-6 months of instruction.

*Students are required to pass the Reading and Spelling Mastery Checks before progressing to the next kit.

*The program will most likely be one of your child's elective classes in Middle School or Junior High unless they have completed and passed the required checks on Kit 7. By the time that students are identified and begin their start date in elementary, they typically would not be close or even beginning Kit 7 in elementary.

Dyslexia: The World the Way I See It (award-winning documentary)