Mr. Carfolite

A Little Bit Of Background!

Mr. Carfolite was born in California. When he was younger his parents moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He attended the University of South Carolina. He majored in Journalism at one point in his college years. For a while he lived in Syria. Syria is located in Europe. In the future he can see himself going back. He would like to go and build schools in Syria. His hobbies are rock climbing, and travel. He used to box a while back. His advice to himself in high school is, don't be a jerk and pay attention.

Teacher Life!

Mr. Carfolite wanted to become a teacher because he likes to work with kids. He believes that education is a good way to help in any situation. Even if you have a different background then others. He likes influencing, joking around, and having a good relationship with his students. His experience so far at Columbia High has been good. He says there is a lot of energy. He teaches U.S. History, Sociology, and Economics.HIs room number is G. 232. His goal for the year is the get the students to the point where they can get high EOC grades in U.S. History. He also said that he is looking forward to helping out with the soccer team.

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