Jacob's Adventure

"The Beginning"

It was the year 2005 in the small town of Olympia, Ohio where Jacob, son of the town's craftsman, lived. Jacob worked at his father's shop, but he never liked working there. He was saw himself as a big and famous musician and not a town's craftsman. His father never approved of him becoming a musician, but even then, Jacob never stopped playing music.

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After coming home from school one day, Jacob came in the house to find his dad sitting at the table. He asked his father what was wrong. He said “Son, we're running out of money and the shop is not bringing in enough money either, and to make matters worse, you aunt Vivian is very ill and had to be taken to the hospital.” “Is there anything that I can do to help? What if I start playing music to bring in a little money” said Jacob but his father immediately responded with no.


That same night, while Jacob sat in his room thinking, Michael gave him the idea of leaving town for a while to follow his dream of becoming famous one day, but he was not entirely sure of it. Michael said, "This could be your big break!! What if you become a star, then you could come back and show your dad that he was wrong about music and with the money that you earn from selling cd's, you could use to help pay some expenses here." After thinking for a while, he finally decided he needed to leave. He packed up his back, grabbed his guitar and wrote a note to his father saying “I've decided to go to Nashville in pursuit of my dreams and also to bring in money. I know that you don't want me to play music, but its what I live for, its my destiny and I have to fulfill my destiny. Don't worry about me. I'll be okay and I will call you when I get to Nashville.” The next day, when his father came into the Jacob's room, he found the note laying on the bed. He picked it up and after reading it, he crumbled it up and threw it on the ground with rage.

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Halfway There

By now, Jacob has traveled all the way to Frankfort, TN. After leaving the bus terminal to get something to eat, he sits beside a building where he pulls out his guitar named Michael. Michael has been with Jacob since the age of six and has been with him through all the tough and easy obstacles and has become Jacob's best friend. As Jacob played some songs, Michael noticed that he was not playing how he usually played. “Is something wrong?” asked Michael. “What if the people don't like how I play or they don't like me?” “Don't worry” said Michael “As long as we're together nothing is impossible. Right after Michael said that, a man came up to Jacob, grabbed Michael and ran off.

Second Chance

As Jacob was walking along side the road, a motor home pulled up behind him. Jacob was immediately frightened and was not sure of what will happen next. As he stood there waiting, the doors to the motor home opened up and family walked out. It was the type of family that loved to travel and play music and have fun. Once they introduced themselves, Jacob was immediately relieved. They asked him where he was headed and they told him that they were headed to Franklin, only 25 miles from Nashville. The Family offered to give him a ride to Nashville, but only as long as he promised to sing a song for them. As they were driving, Jacob asked them if they would like to hear a song that he just finished.
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Final Destination

As they arrived to Nashville, the mother went into the back and came back into the main are with a present for Jacob. She said, "You really have some talent son, and i think that one day you will make it big." Jacob was surprised to hear that and responded "But how am i suppose to show the world what i'm made of if I don't even have a guitar anymore?" "I don't that will be a problem" Said the mother as she pulled out the present. At a surprise, it was Michael being held in the mother's hands. Jacob became so excited and had no idea what to say or what to do except to cry. The mother said "We found this guitar at a pawn shop back in Ohio, and my husband thought it was a good idea to buy a guitar except it none of us knew how to play the guitar." Jacob grabbed the guitar and was filled with joy to once again hold Michael in his hands.


Jacob stayed in Nashville while the family kept heading deeper into Tennessee. After looking around for a while, Jacob finally found the record producing company. "This is it Michael, we either make or we don't. Lets go in there and show those people what we're made off." After the interview with the company, Jacob was signed to a record deal with the song that he wrote and sung to the family. With the money that Jacob was making from his record deal, he sent a portion back to his father in Ohio. After a few months of recording and releasing new cd's, Jacob headed back to Olympia. As he walked into his house, he found his father sitting at the table crying. "Whats wrong?" asked Jacob. "Nothing, its just that, this whole time i never realized the true talent that you have until now, and i'm glad that you choose to leave and to follow your dreams.
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New Lifestyle

After that talk Jacob had with his father, things began to change, in a good way though. For once, Jacob's father was supporting him every time step and later became Jacob's manager. Jacob's father was proud to see his son succeed in his dreams.
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