Karis and Abbi

The Wright brothers


They were signifcant becase they invented the air plane and that is truly incredible that is how the brothers were significat.
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Important events

. When the Wright brothers were young they made monney by selling kittes.

. They alwas dremed of fiying that is were they got the idea of the air plaine.

.In 1878 the brothers tryed to make a helicopter it did not work but that did not stop them.

.In 1892 the Wright brothers opend a bike shop.

.On December 17, 1903 Orvill got into the plane and it flu.

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Traits of the brothers

Creative becase they invented the plane. Smart, persvereras becase when making the air plane they had to try many times almost four years.


An obsticel for the Wright brothers was that neather of them knew any thing about flying and that was a problum becase they were trying to be the first people to make a air plane.


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