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What is a Protist?

A protist is an unicellular organism that form the processes of life much like others, but can not fit into another category. The kingdom is called Protista and they are not visible to the naked eye, so do not try to looking for them.


The amoeba is a unicellular organism, that is animal-like, this means that they surrounds their food to eat it. They move themselves by using their pseudopod or "false foot". To reproduce they go through the process called mitosis, which is a form of asexual reproduction. When they are out of water they can turn them selves into cysts. They are one of the most fascinating protist.
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Amoeba eats two paramecia (Amoeba's lunch)


This protist is also animal like, because this one also hunts for its food. The paramecium is a fast moving protist, has cilia, which are like little hairs tho move. The cilia also is able to put food into oral groove to eat. To reproduce they go through mitosis put they also exchange information with other paramecium, this is called conjugation. They react with environment by detecting danger around them.
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paramecium moving


Wow, what a fascinating creature! This protist is plant-like, because it has chloroplast which helps them produce sugar for them. They can in severe circumstances they can eat through their cell membrane. To move they have a flagella, which is like a whip to help them move. The process that they go through to reproduce is called mitosis. They also have a eye-spot to help them to find light for photosynthesis. Again what a fascinating creature!
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Euglena - Flagellum movement in phase contrast


This is our last protist that we will be talking about. This is a unicellular organism that clumps together to make colonies. They are also a plant like organism, because they also go through photosynthesis, much like euglena. To move they use their two flagella on the top and bottom. They reproduce by creating daughter colonies inside then setting them of. They appear in a spherical shape and are incredible to see under a microscope.
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