Going Crusin'!

Caribbean here we come!


For those of you who have not heard the story - My stepson Mike got Elizabeth and myself a cruise for Christmas! Such a good boy.... So before the powerhouse, which is Summer Institute 2016, fires up we are heading out. March 5 - 13th to be exact so if you have any time sensitive tasks for me - now is the time to get them to me.

If you read no further get this -

I will be out of the office, house, state, country and potentially inebriated

March 5-13th with sketchy internet.

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MS Vision of the Seas

If you want you can click here to go to a Wikipedia page that describes this monster of a ship. Longer than three football fields! I have never been on a ship on the ocean before and am super excited about just experiencing ocean travel (even if there was nothing else to do)! The geek inside me is squealing like a girl at the thought of experiencing this truly awe-inspiring chunk of floating technology.


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Working that Bucket List...

This trip crosses off two for real items on my bucket list!

  • Travel so far out in the ocean I can not see land.
  • Actually visit another country.

That second one actually is a huge deal for me. There is this super childish tiny portion of my being that can not quite grasp things as real until I experience them first hand. I blame this on being born in Missouri.

Another cool thing is I now have a passport - just like the guys in the Bond movies hehe