by Macayla Perkins


electric currents and fundamental magnetic moments of particles give rise to a magnetic field

magnetic field-

is the magnetic influence of electric currents and magnetic materials

how do magnetic poles interact- whether two magnetics attract or repel each other depends on which poles are brought close together

why are some materials magnetic and some are not- you might have no noticed that a magnet will not attract all metal objects

magnetic pole-

its one of the two ends of the magnet

how do magnetic domains model magnetic behavior?

when domains align, their magnetic fields add together ad create a magnetic field inside the material

how do moving electric charges and magnets interact?

the electric current must produce a magnetic field around the wire and that the direction of the field around the wire and that direction of the field depends on the direction of the current

what is the electromagnetic force?

is what makes magnets useful

how does an electro motor operate?

is a device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy