The Royal News



House Burgesses in Virgina, peolpe where allowed to vote and take charge of what happened in Virginia and tell King about their problems. This is very improtant because the colonys starting to look better than England. This will beacause the colony can try to get what they want and need.

A Remembrance

Sir walter raleigh was born january 2 1552 an died october 29 1618.He sent over two explores to the new world.If it wasnt for him we woudnt have what we call Jamestown.

Tribute To the King

 King James you are awesome and we are very lucky to have you as our king since you have been the king of Scotland, England and Ireland. You have also been an inspiration in literacy. You made the bible available to the common man. You are fluent in Greek, Latin, French and English so you will be able to talk to other nations. You have now been the king for 16 years. You have been sickly for a while so thank you for still trying to stay alive. Thank you for uniting England, Scotland and Ireland to form the English empire. Even though the Roman catholics have been trying to kill you, you have still kept England under the church of England. In 1603 one of your subjects Sir Rodger Wilbaham wrote " The King is of sharpest wit and inventoin...of the sweetest most pleasent and best nature that I ever knew. Desiring nor affecting anything but true honor. For that we thank you King James.


Me: Today we will be interviewing Jhon Rolfe.Me: So Jhon are you married?Jhon: Yes I am married to pochaontas.Me:Do you have any kids?Jhon: Yes I have two. Elizabeth and Thomas.Me:  Who are your parents?Jhon:  Jhon Rolfe sr. and Dorothea me:When was you born?Jhon:1585Me:What is your background?Jhon: I am english.Me: What is your religion?Jhon:christian Me: What was your relashinship with Jamestown?Jhon:I was the farmer and discoverd tobacco. Me: How do you think that people will remember you in 2 or 3 years?Jhon:I think that wil thank me for founding jamestown.Me:Where was you born at?Jhon:Heacham Norfolk.Me: What ocean did you sail over to get to the New World?Jhon: Alantic Ocean.


In Virgina life would be great. There is wildlife beutiful nature to see. If you come with us to explore this New World you will be rewared with 500 acres of land.

The Natvies of Virgina

Their customs are lang. They worshipped a hierarchy. They lived in the woods naked. Their leader died in 1618. Their relationship with the colonists, they hated them and wanted them to leave but later they started to trade and became friends.