Cell-tackular Resort

Our cell-tastic resort is full of fun informational things

Red Cell Café

You can come enjoy a bite at our red cell café you can eat out of the red cell when you get a salad, soup or just whatever you want in your red cell bowl! Our Ribosome team will bring you, your food for you can enjoy and don't have to get up. The mitochondria in our food will give you protein and energy for you to get through the day without getting really hungry.

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The Nucleus

The nucleus of our resort is the place you go if you have a problem the nucleus runs our whole system. If you want to check in, rent something, or have questions you can come down to the nucleus and we will assist you to our best.
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The Cytoplasm

Our gym is a great way to stay in fit you can work out while you stay at our resort you can pay and personal trainer of just work out for the fun of it.
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Cell membrane

Our out door pool is a great way to relax and join the hot days. We also have an in door pool which the wall blocks the sun from directly hitting you and giving you sun burn or heat stroke.
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