Steel City Dots

December News

We had an AMAZING November!

It was so exciting to see seasoned stylists ROCK their best month ever and new stylists kick start their business. Our team is really doing great things and you should all be proud of yourselves!

Look at these sales!!!

Top 20 in sales:

Rachel Schwemmer 10759.84

Jennifer Cavorsi 7523.29

Leslie Herrion 4956.31

Megan Garrison 4615.6

amy broadwater 3662.22

Kristen McLaughlin 3622.6

Jennifer Wolfe 3601.35

Courtney Vadnais 3572.04

Stacey Devlin 3491.39

Lori Jean 3336.87

Ann Molesky 3104.66

Theresa Mcculloch 2727.71

Kristin Galus 2604.5

Sherry Willard 2601.06

Christine Corcoran 2574.09

Adrienne Hainan 2397.9

Kelly Smith 2160.95

Lauren Laudato 2061.86

Paula Dunn 2013.33

Rebecca Peterson 1889.46

Look who promoted~

Lori Jean Lead Stylist

Amy Mallory Lead Stylist

Look who grew their team~

Chris Corcoran 2

Rachel Schwemmer 1

Kristen McLaughlin 1

Lori jean 1

Amy Mallory 1

Let's finish the year strong.

I know from experience that with the holiday ahead we can get side tracked and not focus on our business We can wake up on January 1st with no shows on the calendar. Let's work together NOW to set up our January and have a relaxing holiday!

Plan to join the home office booking blitz on Wednesday~

Would you like to have two extra Trunk Shows on your December calendar? If you answered YES, then plan on participating in the Home Office Booking Blitz this week! Stylists who participate in Booking Blitzes book an average of two additional Trunk Shows during the Blitz. Your National Field Development Coach, Meg Galletti, will kick off the Blitz by sharing how you can use the December promotions and Words To Say to fill your calendar with bookings this month and next. Then you will take those tips and make booking calls for the next hour, and while you're calling, you'll receive tons of support from your peers on your Regional FB page. To make your time even more productive, plan on warming up your contacts with a personal note and a Mini Look Book before the Blitz.

Wednesday, December 4th
(800) 747-5150 Access: 6977091#

PS YES that is the one and only Danielle Redner below!

Fun Booking Incentive

In addition to the home office booking blitz we are going to have our own fun incentive with prizes! Watch our Facebook team page for more info to come tomorrow! Not on the page yet? Make sure you connect with us here.

Want to chat about your business?

Let's do this together! If you'd like to set up a time to talk about your business this week please message me at I'd love to help you brainstorm anything you've got going on.