Trade Routes

Jesus Mondragon


The way that trade was consider to be social is how many people had to interact with people to be able to get what they wanted. With the Colombian exchange social was effected in to way how they interacted and how people viewed each other as. Like the Europeans considered them selves superior to the Indenginous people


With the trade routes politics had started to change. Mostly in the America's It had changed by the way people were treated in America. The Europeans went and started to have slaves so they would take lots of resources such as silver. Silver trade affect how politics was shown due to the high demand which needed more slaves


The Europeans had interactions with the environment by destroying most of it. The way the Europeans did this due to trade is because of the high demand for the resources found in the America's. The Europeans started to mine for silver farm for fruits and vegetables started taking their own animals to the America's which messed with the environment.


The way that culture was affected due to trade routes is how Europeans went to the America's and started influencing their culture with the indigenous people. The indigenous people had no problem with this bu at the same time wanted to keep their culture so they kept their culture and mixed it with the European culture.


The main way economic was affected by trade was the Silver trade. The silver trade did in fact bring good ideas but also ruined it for the most part in certain European countries. The silver trade had such a high demand due to how China and Spain both were making silver as their currency which raised prices and eventually ruined their Economy due to the fail of not being able to supply so much silver that was required