Sammi White

About Me

Hey, I'm Sammi!! I chose CofC because I love Charleston and I love the south in general!! I also wanted to get out of Virginia and experience new things and meet new people! I am not sure what I want my major to be yet, but definitely something science related, because I want to eventually do something with medicine in the long run for sure! I've been interested in the medical field and becoming a doctor ever since I was young. I can't say I have just one best friend, I have multiple very close friends! They are all different and awesome! I have never been a cliquey type of person, I consider myself to be friends with everyone and people from different groups! It's more fun that way :) I love having friends from different groups that are all different in their own way! Important people to me would have to be my family before anyone, and then my friends! My fam lives in Charllottesville, Va, on a horse estate! My mom is a horse trainer and is kind of obsessed with horses lol, and a super fun fact about my dad, is that he is originally from Australia, so we travel there a lot because my whole fam is there!! I am looking forward to this class, in middle school and high school I had a passion for art and theatre, I haven't done it in a while, but I used to love it! And I won 1st place in the art show at my school in 8th grade!!!