Space Probes

by:joseline pastrana

what are space probes

space probes were used on October 4, 1957. space probes were used to orbit earth they take pictures and study the planets.a space probe is the size of a beach ball

why is your topic important to space exploration

my topic is space probes it is important to space exploration because it helps orbit the earth and takes pictures on earth and learns about earth
space probes are made to conduct science experiments . they do not have people in them. space probes have helped scientists get information from our solar system. some space probes are not designed to go back to earth. some have landed on other planets. there are some space probes that study the planet for a long time. the power supply provides well regulated electrical power to keep the space craft activated.
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a probes journey can be divided into several stages. the probe has to overcome earths gravity. to be able to work
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here is a space probe that is getting built by scientist and other people. that are helping them built the space probe.
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a space probe can land on a comet and stay there as log as it wants to and when it is ready to leave the space probe will come off from the comet and go to another planet and do the same thing and give information to people back on earth.
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2.the purpose of my topic was that they used space probes to gather information about earth. was invented on october 4,1957

4.there was no people in space probes or animals.

5.u.s and russia

6.the important task was to gather information and send it back to eart

7.they used a computer to send signals.

8.the important places were the planets and the moon.

9.yes it is still important.