The Tribulations of the Trade

Electrical Engineering

The future of energy falls into our own hands

Have you ever though about renewable energy? One day our country will be completely ran off the weather from the skies and the sun from above. Although, some electrical companies have began to use alternative methods for electricity, there is plenty of room to improve still. Electrical engineers are in high demand: A new era of life is upon us and it starts with electricity.

Why did i choose electrical engineering?

There are over 40 different types of engineering degrees! I wont go into detail about them, but there is something about electrical engineering that draws me in. Energy is the main focus with this occupation and there are several ways it is available. When I first thought of an electrical engineer I automatically thought: "electricity." Electrical engineers deal with everything from power grids, complex musical equipment, automobiles, computers, to windmills and power plants. There are so many different directions to go with an electrical engineering degree. At the end of the day, electrical engineering interests me because of the power of change. Not to mention they are paid well for their services.

Things I have come to know and pass along!

  1. Typically, electrical engineers will work with other engineers to tackle a project.
  2. Electrical engineers are not required to be a math magician. However, the job comes with many mathematical curves: study up!
  3. Very much a kinesthetic occupation: another reason I'm interested in electrical engineering.
  4. With any job it doesn't hurt to be charismatic, and outgoing. Being a leader in this job field with a powerful tongue, will surely move you up the ladder faster.
  5. Electrical engineering is layered in many different skill levels. For example: an electrical engineer with a 2 year degree may get started at an hourly wage of eighteen dollars an hour. Versus, a doctor in electrical engineering (8 years of college) may get started at a salary of a hundred thousand dollars a year.
  6. Just because you have a degree in electrical engineering does not mean your gonna find a job immediately after graduation. Like any other profession, you want to insert yourself into an environment where you have the opportunity to get some real experience. Examples: Get a job, volunteer, or do an internship: with an electrician, at a music venue, for a computer company. Anything pertaining to your interests.


Electricity is the most dangerous aspect of being an electrical engineer. Depending upon what an engineer is working on: an electric shock is deathly.

Not to mention, engineers have to be weary of chemical burns and battery explosions.

The most important part, always protect yourself when working on electric properties. Example: wear goggles, insulated shoes, gloves, and safe clothing.

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