Beeper Buzzzzz

Developing a community of learners for a better world.

Things to know...

  • STAAR is behind us for another year!! yea!! Thank y'all for preparing the kids and keeping them calm and confident!
  • I will be sending out a sign-up for teachers to sign up for end of year conferences. These will last about 10 minutes - please bring our reflection sheet that was in your box last week.
  • We are happy to have Christy coming back next week.
  • Thank you all for working to create a master schedule that will help provide the best support for students! Teams were awesome - and Team Leads worked together and were flexible and thought win-win!!
  • ATTN staff who park in the front parking lot... please start parking on the side or the far out front parking lot. We have so much traffic in and out with parents and when there aren't parking spaces, it causes more to pull in front and park on curb (which is not good). Thank you!!
  • Please remember to be mindful about your conversations - there are ears everywhere and we want to ensure that we are maintaining confidentiality and following FERPA. Also please remind any parents who work in your classroom that they should NOT be discussing anything they see or know with others. Not even talking to a parent about their child that they work with in your class (ex - I was working with your child _____________ today during reading and they went up to a level 30 but still need to work on _______________________. Sometimes parents get very comfortable and forget about confidentiality!!
  • I am excited to share that we have been approved to keep four 5th grade teachers so Teena Malina will be staying with us!! yea!!

Shout outs...

  • A special thanks to our cafeteria staff who are flexible with Splash Day lunches, getting the water sources set up for the slides, letting us use their portable freezer AND all their support/planning that made Reed's 1st Black Light Run a success. They have done SO MUCH behind the scenes, that you might not know they had a hand in some BIG events at Reed. Thank you for all your help! - Kellie
  • Congratulations to Brittany Bennett on completing Grad School! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU AND HAPPY FOR YOU!! What an incredible accomplishment and wonderful example for Mya! Way to go, Ms. Bennett! -The Kinder Team
  • It was a week to celebrate our Instructional Assistants, Noemi, Stephanie, Gina and Janie in ELE, Kim and Mindy in SLE, last but not least, Yassmine, Mary, Mari, Bailey, and DJ in Resource/Inclusion. Can't forget about Marquina in PE. Thank you to each and everyone for your hard work and smiles." - Mina
  • My oldest son Caleb is graduating from UT on Friday, and then moving to Boston to pursue his career in Mechanical Engineering. Please pray for me and all of the graduates and families facing this milestone (and pray that I don't dehydrate myself crying so much!). :) - Michele
  • ERIN!! You are amazing and I'm so sad you're leaving. Much love on your new adventure! - Jessica T
  • Thank you to Huey, Mindy and Kim for letting me randomly come in whenever I need help organizing my brain. I really appreciate you 3 amazing peoples! - Jessica T.
  • I wanted to take the time to thank everyone! I truly appreciate the flexibility that everyone had with schedule changes. It is also amazing how quiet the halls and neighborhoods are for the most part. All of you and your students are awesome!!!! - Sofie

This Week...

  • 3:10 - Lighthouse Team Meeting


  • 3:10 - RTI Tier 3 meeting


  • RTI Summary Meetings during conference times
  • 4th Grade PACE Math Screeners
  • 3:10 - Faculty Meeting


  • 7:30-8:30- 1st Grade Class Placement meeting
  • 3:10 - Summer School meeting for those whose classrooms will be used - Library
  • 5:30 - PTA Meeting
  • 6:00-7:30 - TALENT SHOW


  • 7:30-8:30 - Kinder Class placement meeting
  • 1:00 - Talent Show performed for students in MPR
  • 4th Grade Field Trip to YMCA Park 9:00-12:00


  • EOY Party Barge 7:00-10:00 Volente Beach Just for Fun


  • no school!!! Enjoy!!