Mudkip Discovery: Titanic Survivor

By Zach elswick

Lucy Christiana ( Lady Duff Gordon )

Lucy Christiana or Lady Duff Gordon was born Saturday, June 13th, 1863, and was 48 when she boarded the Titanic. She was traveling with her husband,Sir Cosmo Edmand Duff Gordon, and her maid, Miss Laura Mabel Franctelli. Both Sir Cosmo and Miss Laura survived, escaping with Duff on lifeboat No.1.

The Titanic

The Titanic was 882 feet long and as high as an eleven story building. It also weighed 31 tons. What made it thought to be "unsinkable" was its 16 watertight compartments. The ship would stay afloat if the first four flooded but five did. So it sank. Duff was a first class passenger and the cost of her ticket was 56 pounds. The first class accommodations were very fancy. With fancy designs, nice fancy furniture and lighting, and more than one room.

The Titanic Disaster, and the Rescue of Duff

The disaster all started on a Sunday at 11:40 pm. The lookouts spotted and iceberg dead ahead. They told the captain and then tried to turn away but it was to late. The iceberg hit the Titanic on the side. Water then started to gush into the holds and boiler rooms. The captain ordered the crew to start preparing the lifeboats as water started to rise in the ship. Passengers started to flee the ship but when all of the life boats were off. There were still over a thousand on board. Leaving many people dead. Duff was one of the first to respond. Duff, Laura, and Cosmo all made it out on lifeboat No.1 alive. She was rescued with only 12 people out of 40 possible.
Titanic: Lady Duff Gordon

Life After the Disaster

After the disaster, Duff sent a letter to her family to let them know that she and Cosmo were safe. She then went on to New York and finished what she needed to do in the first place. After that, Duff went back to London and testified at the British inquiry into the sinking, she and her husband were the only ones called to testify. Then Duff continued living in London and continued her business making dresses. Also she started writing a memoir. Then Sir Cosmo died in 1931 and in 1932, she published her memoir. During 1932-1935 her business collapsed and then lived in a funeral home. Duff then died of pneumonia at age 71, in the nursing home, on a Saturday April 20th 1935.