Week of January 28th...

LA Staff News


**MN has 10 suspension hearings this week, so I will be in and out for those.

Monday: Visible Learning at LA 8-11 (Art, Chad, Summer, Melissa)


Wednesday: 8:30 Manifestation Determination for Thomas Stevens (Melissa, Jared, and teacher)

2:00 Manifestation Determination for Parker Chavez (Melissa, Jared, and teacher)

Thursday: MN at Principals' Meeting 8-11

MN at DAC for interviews from 1-5

Friday: Summer and Paul at Visible Learning in AM

To do this week:

Mid-Year PDP is due in January. I believe you go into the NEE system, provide a narrative update, and submit it to me.

The technology department would like to know what digital citizenship lessons we have conducted. If we have not, we can use another school's lesson. When can we slip this in???

Upcoming dates to note:

1/31: Visible Learning Cohort in PM (Summer and Paul)

2/28: HOPE Awards at HMS (WHO is presenting for Jake, Kiana, and Maddie?)

4/1: MN presents LA at NSBA Conference

Liberty Academy Staff Member of the Year

I think about HALF of us have voted!

Please vote by 4:00 on Monday!