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Building Airplanes in The Air

If you have not seen the youtube video about building airplanes in the air and would like a snippet of entertainment, I would say watch this! (See it below!) It truly hits home as we face the challenge head on of redesigning school for our students. We know we need to change the way students experience education, and being the dedicated, passionate people we are as educators, sometimes we feel that we are struggling to stay in the air as we change our teaching practices in "mid flight." I am impressed each day that I am at OES by the willingness of this staff to meet these challenges head on and the boldness you show in implementing new strategies in your classrooms that are often times out of your comfort zone!

This semester we began by creating professional goals surrounding instructional practices on which you all would like to focus your work. Below you will find the focus area for each grade level. As we continue on this journey together, cheering one another on and celebrating each success, remember that we are on this flight together! I will be sharing resources that may be helpful for your work, and if you find a resource that you think may be helpful for a grade level, pass it on! Many grade levels have a similar focus for their goal! Thanks for being amazing people to work with, and smiling through the midst of this work!

Kindergarten- Voice and Choice, PBL, Accountability

First Grade- Self Assessment, Accountability

2nd Grade- Use data effectively to drive instruction and switch classes, PBL

3rd-5th Grades- Voice and Choice

According to the Needs Assessment that you all completed at the beginning of the year, many of you said that you like to learn through videos. I have inserted a few videos below that might offer a little information, or spark some ideas for ways in which you all can work to reach these goals! While these examples are not perfect and may not be exactly what we want to see at OES, they are a starting point for examples of strategies used that we can build upon!

As we work to move towards our vision with the focus on our goals this month, we will also examine DOK and look at increasing the rigor in the learning opportunities that we are offering students. I look forward to working with you all next week during our half day planning sessions! Please let me know if there are specific resources I can provide or questions that you need answered! Looking forward to seeing your work and the OES students "take flight!" :)

Sample Videos

Small Group Work With "I Choose"
Reteach and Enrich: How to Make Time for Every Student
Plant PBL - Kindergarten Science Project

Tech Resources

With several grade levels embarking upon their first PBL journey with students in the coming weeks, I thought that it might be helpful to highlight a few tech tools that might enhance your stations and opportunities for students. These tech tools can be divided into tools for building content, assessment, and product creation.

Tools for Building Content:




Class Kick

Tools for Assessment:



Answer Garden

Infuse Learning

Tools for Product Creation:

Story Kit



Chatterpix Kids

Little Bird Tales

Idea Sketch

Class Kick


Stop Motion Studio

Story Kit


News ELA

Discovery Education

If you would like ideas regarding implementing the use of these tools in your classroom I'd be happy to assist!

EDS "Airplane"