Women in World War 2

"We can do it!"

An Opporotunity for Women

In World War ll, the majority of able-bodied men went off to fight in the war. As you could imagine, they needed a lot of supplies, including food, weapons, bombs, etc. However, since most of the the men were off fighting, there was nobody to make these things for them. At the time, Women were segregated and faced extreme racism. Almost none of them had any jobs. However, if places like the U.S. were going to win the war, they needed people to make supplies for the soldiers. Women were their only hope.

Rosie the Riveter

The U.S., as well as other countries, decided to start a propaganda campaign in order to get women to work in jobs helping the ar effort. The U.S. wanted to give Women someone that they could follow, hard orking and loyal. As a result, they came up with the fictional character Rosie the Riveter. Even today, Rosie is very famous, along with the words that went along ith her "We can do it!". The prompt for women to start working was very sucessful, and Rosie remained an important inspiration for all.
Rosie the Riveter Song

Women Spies

Many women were recuited as spies. Between the year 1942 and the end of the war, about 40 women were sent into action, most in France. They were part of the SOE (Special Operations Executive). THe most famous women spies were Violette Szabo and Odette Churchill, both awarded the highest bravery award offered, the George Cross. Odette survived the war but Violette was murdered. Other female spies who escaped capture were:

Andree Borrel-After proving too tough to crack through interrogation, she was taken to a concentration camp where she was given a lethal injection

Nancy Wake-After convincing her guards that she wasn’t the woman they were looking for, she traveled to Britain and joined the SOE

Cecile Pearl Witherington- smuggled illegal weapons and intel, disguised herself as a farmhand and trained French resistance troops, organized sabotages, and helped with the resistance role in D-Day

Lise de Baissac- used the guise of an amateur archaeologist to gather geographical information for landings

Women spies were brve and a huge help in winning the war




The Women in World War 2 who had gone against the segregation and racism and worked for their countries, being a huge part in the victory for the Allies. After World War 2, women still followed this as inspiration, and today most women of the American population have jobs, even ones previously only for men.