World Trade Center

By: Jaden Schmitz

Rebuilding 1 World Trade Center

The new world trade center is the tallest building in the United States. Its height is 1776 feet tall, this represents the year of the country's independence. There is 104 floors total plus a 408 foot antenna. The tower has 2.6 million square feet of floor space and cost 3.6 billion dollars to rebuild. The workers completed one full office floor per week at the fastest.

The Layout

The tower is actually 1368 feet tall but the 408 foot antenna makes it 1776 feet. The first floors, 1-19 are what they call the base floors which are the strongest part of the building. Floors 20-63 are all of the offices for the workers. Floor number 64 is a sky lobby where people can hang out on their breaks. Floors 65-88 are also offices for people to work in. Floors 89-99 are mechanical. Floors 100-102 are open to the public or for public space and the final 2 floors are also for mechanics.

Fun Facts

The tower was built with state of the art conctete and can withstand three times more pressure than the concrete used in most other NYC skyscrapers. More that 45,000 tons of structural steel were used which is 6 times as much as the Eiffel Tower. The tower has 71 elevators and five are high speed express cars moving at 2000 feet per second, or almost 23 mph. The World Trade Center site covers 16 acres. It took 33 architects, 101 contractors, 19 public agencies, 2 private developers, and more than 2,500 workers on an average day.