August / September - SWE-Blast

Eastern Nebraska Society of Women Engineers


Welcome Message from the President

Welcome to a new fiscal year of SWE which started July 1.

Looking back, we had a very successful year of events, speakers and tours here in the Omaha/Lincoln area. Thank you to all of the FY18 officers and committees for your dedication to SWE and to making our SWE Eastern Nebraska Section such a success. And especially a huge thank you to Angel McMullen-Gunn our outgoing president. Angel has done a wonderful job of leading and building our section for the past eight years as president.

As your new President for FY19, I want to introduce myself to those who may not know me. My name is Janis Pfingsten, and I have been an active member of our Section for over 30 years, taking on different leadership roles, including serving as a Leadership Coach for the Society, and helping with many of our past outreach events. All that probably speaks for itself as to how much I love and believe in SWE and all that SWE does to support women in the engineering field, and in support of the STEM initiative, encouraging young women and men to pursue careers in the STEM fields.

Remember to get your membership renewed by September 30 in order to avoid paying the renewal fee. Check out the link with more membership information elsewhere in this newsletter.

I hope that you are looking forward to another successful year of SWE as much as I am. I know that we may have demanding schedules and other time commitments, but I hope that you will be able to participate in our programs, events, online webinars, and podcasts as much as possible. Remember that SWE is here to support you and to help you grow in your profession!

Janis Pfingsten

FY19 SWE Eastern Nebraska President


Meet Our New Executive Board for the 2018-2019 Year!!

Thank you to all who participated in our election process in June. FY19 officers are:

Janis Pfingsten - President

Tricia Miller – Vice- President

Katie Harrison - Secretary

Elizabeth Hunter - Treasurer



Every 4th Thursday - SWE Programs

Eastern Nebraska SWE schedules our programs monthly, covering our membership in the Omaha - Lincoln metro areas.

Do you have ideas for a meeting or something to share for our SWE-blasts? Let me know!


FY19 Programs and Survey! Tell us where our focus should be in FY19!

We are busy planning for FY19. To aid the SWE Executive board in planning for the upcoming year, the Eastern Nebraska Section has developed a survey to ascertain the wants and needs of you, our Section's members. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey included in this SWE-Blast and let us know where our focus should be in FY19. At the end of the survey, enter your email address for a chance to win a $25 Starbucks gift card. The survey will be open through September 7, 2018.

If you have any suggestions for programs, please send an email to


Nebraska SWE FY19 Calendar

Update your calendars now!

September 27 (Th) – OMA & LNK. SWE Social to Kick-off FY19 More information to be coming soon.

Oct 18-20 - WE18, SWE’s Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 25 (Th) – OMA. Professional Development

November 15 (Th) – OMA & LNK. Pre-Holiday Social/Workshop (FUN!)

January 24 (Th) – OMA. Work Life Balance

February 28 (Th) – OMA. Professional Development

March 28 (Th) – LNK. TBD

April 25 (Th) – OMA. Professional Development

May 23 (Th) – TBD


Click here for SWE Membership Renewal & Benefits Info

With a new FY it is also time to renew your membership. You should have received information from SWE HQ about renewing. Some of you may be wondering what benefits SWE has for you and for your career.


Big picture

WeLocal Conferences will be hosted in the Spring of FY19

WE Local is a SWE program that brings together participants in all stages of their collegiate and professional journey. The program is hosting five conferences across the U.S. in spring 2019 so that engineers can connect through professional development workshops, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and outreach activities.

FY19 Conferences

Baltimore, Maryland February 8–9

Tampa, Florida February 15–16

St. Louis, Missouri March 1-2

Denver, Colorado March 15-16

Bellevue, Washington April 5-6

See more info on website below.

SWE Outreach Metric Tool - Take Credit for your Impact!!

The SWE Outreach Tool is a simple 10 question survey to complete after any of your STEM outreach events.

Volunteer for work? Yes - that counts!

You are a regular computer teacher at the library? Log your time!

Volunteer to judge at your child's science fair? Absolutely counts!

Help out the local 4-H Robotics Team? Yes - this too!

Any events that focus on students ages 4-18 and/or their adult advocates such as parents, educators, and group leaders. The data you enter will be used internally by the SWE Outreach Committee to set goals and make strategic decisions. The data will also be used externally with sponsors to show the impact of the outreach that all SWE members do. Many grants require the information we are collecting, and we need accurate information to share with them. Here’s the information you should gather together before you use this tool:

– Event name and date(s)

– Section name: I002 Eastern Nebraska

– Event type

– Number of girls who participated in the event

– Number of boys who participated in the event

– Age of students who participated (Estimates are okay; report the age range of the majority)

– Number of Adults who participated – These are Parents, Educators, and other non-volunteers who participated in the event.

– Number of SWE Member volunteers

– Number of other volunteers – not SWE members

– Name of Partner Organization(s), if applicable

– Any best practices you would like to share (optional)


More info online at

SWE Outreach Tool

Take credit for the impact of the STEM outreach that you do in FY18!

Over 10 years ago, SWE launched an initiative designed to foster inclusiveness and engage the diverse members of our organization – SWE Affinity Groups. Affinity Groups are growing and members are sharing and embracing a common element of diversity to work collaboratively and support each other. The current Affinity Groups are: African-American, Latinos, Native American, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer and Allies, Global Women Engineers, Women in Government, Small Business and Entrepreneur. These teams are working to enhance and promote networking mechanisms to connect members. These Affinity Groups are a great way for members to share knowledge, concerns, and experiences with each other and SWE partners and to provide feedback to SWE on making the networks a more powerful resource.

More info is online at


** Anyone interested in supporting SWE’s mission is welcome to our Programs … please spread the word!! FWD ENCOURAGED **

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If you need assistance with any issues related to membership (contact preferences, joining, renewing, upgrading, etc.) please contact SWE HQ at

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