Examples from today

1. If someone were to commit a crime, They would have to deal with the consequences of there actions. They will go to jail if they don't.

2. People have to be responsible in order to get to work on time, otherwise they will be fired.

3. You are responsible for getting your homework done for all your classes in school, if you don't you will loose points, and you will not have gained some knowledge like the other students that did it.

4. If you buy a pet like a dog and it attacks someone, or runs away you have to blame yourself for it because that dog is your responsibility.

5. In sports you are responsible for your own actions like if you were to cause a penalty you may have to sit in a penalty box for something.

6. having a family takes responsibility. You have to watch out for your kids and make sure they are doing all the right things and not breaking rules or laws.

How Victor shows responsibility

Throughout the story victor doesn't show to much responsibility till the end of the book. One example at the end is when the police are trying to figure out who murdered victors brother, wife, and a stranger. Victor goes to the police and says that its him. This shows him taking responsibility for the monsters actions that he created.

Quotes from the book

1. "it was me, I killed those people". (ch.21) This shows responsibility because victor is taking responsibility for the actions the monster did since he created it.

2. ''shuddered to think that future ages might curse me as their pest, whose selfishness had not hesitated to buy its own peace at the price, perhaps, of the existence of the whole human race.'' This shows his responsibility by him confessing to the monster and him trying to tell the people but they don't believe him.

3. ''I apologize for leaving you at my laboratory''. (ch.23) this shows responsibility because he is apologizing for the actions he did that caused the creature pain.

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Modern day connections

In todays world it is a must to have responsibility. Some reasons we need it is without it people would make very stupid mistakes and everyone would blame it someone else, or someone could get hurt or killed at a job because they are not responsible. Without it the world could just be a ball of destruction. Therefore everyone needs to have responsibility.
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