St. Petersburg Tribune

June 24, 1887

Boys Missing on Mighty Mississippi

The town of St. Petersburg is in a state of panic today searching for answers to the unexpected disappearance of two of its young boys, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. In an interview with the aunt of one of the boys, we learned that they were last seen not far from their homes near the Mississippi River. Apparently, the boys have vanished without a trace. Volunteers are searching the area in the hopes of finding some clue that would lead to their safe return. If anyone has any information, please report directly to the local sheriff.

Mississippi River No Stranger to Tragedy

Navigating the Mississippi River

Sailing on the Mississippi can pose quite a challenge to both the experienced and the novice traveller. According to the Department of Natural Resources, it can be challenging makings one's way through the weeds and narrow winding areas. Summer can be especially challenging due to the overabundance of weeds at that time of year. Locks and dams are another problem that make it all but impossible for small boats and canoes to navigate these waters. Planning ahead and avoiding dangerous areas is always a good idea. Check with local authorities for more information before planning your trip.
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