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Fast Facts about England

  • Official name: United Kingdom
  • Capital: London
  • Population: 53.01 million
  • Official Language and other languages spoken: The main language is Polish and the second most common language spoken is English
  • Religion: Christianity

Facts about England's Government

  • Head of Government: Prime Minister David Cameron
  • Lawmaking Body: Parliament
  • National Symbols: St. George's Cross, a red rose and Three Lions crest

Facts about England's Geography

  • Tourist hot spots: The most visited tourist destinations in England are Big Ben and St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Total Area: 50,346 sq. miles
  • Climate: Temperate maritime that is mild with temperatures anywhere from 0 degrees Celsius to -32 degrees Celsius
  • Highest Point: Scafell Pike
  • Lowest Point: Holme
  • Major Bodies of Water: Lake Windermere, River Thames and Liverpool Canal
  • Significant Landforms: Cheviot Hills, Pennies and North Yorkshire Dales
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Economic Facts of England

  • Currency: Pound Sterling
  • Major Natural Resources: Coal, petroleum and natural gas
  • Main Industry: Banking
  • Exports: Machinery, fuels, road vehicles and electrical equipment
  • Imports: Engines, oil, vehicles and gems

England's Cultural Facts

  • Popular Foods: Fish and chips, cornish pastries and roast dinners
  • Major Holidays: Late Summer Bank Holiday where most businesses are closed, Boxing Day where employees receive presents from their bosses and Christmas Day
  • Popular Passtimes/Activities: Knitting, deco mache and futbol

Article #1

  • Title: Jealous Boyfriend tried to drown his puppy for getting more attention
  • Author: Agency
  • Date: December 15, 2015 at 10:39 A.M.
  • Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/12051158/Jealous-boyfriend-tried-to-drown-his-puppy-for-getting-more-attention.html
  • Facts #1: The go was an English Sheepdog called Benji. This is important because it tells you who the article is about.
  • Fact #2: Anthony Bruce pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. This is important because it tells you what he was guilty of.
  • Fact #3: Benji didn't die from the drowning incident, but while having surgery to remove the toilet paper in his stomach that Bruce forced him to eat. This is important because it lets you know how he died.
  • General Summary: Anthony Bruce, 19, was jealous of his dog because he was getting more attention than him. Because of his jealousy, he started abusing Benji. It started when Bruce forced him to eat toilet paper because he knew that it wouldn't digest in his stomach. He also tried drowning Benji while bathing his after another dog in the house bit his ear causing it to bleed. Being was unconscious, but ended up surviving the incident. He was only five months old when he died while having surgery to remove the toilet paper from his stomach. Jeff Taylor, Bruce's representative in court, said that Bruce had anxiety and mental issues and was a vulnerable adult. He was sentenced to sixteen weeks in a young offender's institute and banned for life from owning animals.
  • Response: I think that this is unbelievable. I personally don't understand how people can abuse animals like this. All the animal wants is love. I agree with the fact that he was sentence an banned from owning an animal. One thing that I wish the article would have included though, was the response of his girlfriend.

Article #2

  • Title: Drunk Nurse Struck Off After Dropping Baby on Head
  • Author: Agency
  • Date: December 15, 2015 at 4:43 P.M.
  • Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/12052202/Drunk-nurse-struck-off-after-dropping-baby-on-head.html
  • Fact #1: The baby was four months old and the nurse had parental responsibilities for the baby. This is important because it tells you that the baby wasn't a patient at the hospital that the nurse worked at and that the nurse actually did have parental responsibilities.
  • Fact #2: She was holding holding the baby over her shoulder by only his ankles. This is important because it shows you how careless the nurse was being.
  • Fact #3: She was on her way to buy a bottle of Vodka. This shows you that she was impaired and that's why she did this.
  • General Summary: 38 year old Rachel Lynn dropped a four month old on the head while she was on her way to buy a bottle of Vodka. She was drunk at the time of the incident. A witness and his wife said that they saw Lynn holding the baby by his ankles with one hand by only his ankles. She then dropped the baby on his head. The baby suffered an 11 cm fracture to the skull. The baby was then taken to the hospital and discharged a few days later. Lynn pleaded guilty to willfully ill-treating a young boy and was then investigated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. They concluded that her fitness to practice was "currently impaired" and she was fired.
  • Response: I think that some people just really should not be able to own kids. People are so selfish sometimes and don't treat themselves right let alone a child. This lady should have been fired. I just hope that the baby is okay and in good hands. I'm glad that he didn't die.

Article #3

  • Tittle: McDonald's customers step over disabled man as he chokes to death
  • Author: Danny Boyle
  • Date: December 16, 2015 3:30 P.M.
  • Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/12052943/McDonalds-Cheltenham-customers-step-over-disabled-man-choking-to-death.html
  • Fact #1: He had spina bifida. This tells you why he was in a wheelchair.
  • Fact #2: It took 3 minutes for somebody to help him. This is important because it shows you how rude and careless people really are sometimes.
  • Fact #3: He had a high level of alcohol in his blood and his lungs were congested. This shows you a link as to why he choked.
  • General Summary: 47 year old Mike Ore collapsed when a chunk of meat blocked his esophagus in McDonald's. After 3 minutes, customer Johnny Langden and 2 other ladies went to help him but he had turned purple and they realized that he was dying. Langdon said that other customers were stepping over Ore to get to the counter to order their food. A toxicology revealed that he had a high level of alcohol in his blood. An effect of this can be a loss of impairment of the swallowing reflex and choking can result. The coroner concluded that the death was accidental.
  • Response: I think that this article is really sad. The fact that people are so selfish machismo so mad. Somebody was dying and they wouldn't stop what the were doing to help him. This just makes me so mad. I understand to some extent it was his fault because the choking happened due to his drinking, but people still need to stop being so selfish.