2016-17 GenNET ITV Course Updates

Schedules, forms, contracts and other info to plan ahead!

2016-17 GenNET ITV Scheduling and Enrolling Ongoing this Spring

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  • 2016-17 GenNET ITV updatedScheduleof the high school courses
  • Local district application for students
  • GenNET Student Contract
  • Details about how counselors can hold slots for ITV classes for next year.
  • Applications and contracts may be downloaded and printed for use with students.


  • While it's possible to add sites and students to courses committed by a GenNET site later, it is critical for local districts sending courses from their sites to have an understanding of how many students will be receiving sites for district and staff planning by June 10, 2016.

Please contact Martin Jennings, Instructional Technologist or Christy Bearden, Project Coordinator as show below:

DRAFT #16: 2016-17 GenNET ITV HS Schedule

Draft completed September 12, 2016

2016-2017 GenNET Student Contract

Counselors are asked to complete the contract and have students return to them with parent/family signatures for approval.

2016-17 Local District GenNET ITV Course Appplication

Local districts may choose to have students complete this application. It does not need to be submitted to the Genesee ISD/GenNET Office for enrollment purposes.

GenNET ITV Marketing Flyer for Counselors and Students

Click on this bar for a promotional two-sided flyer for counselors, students and families to assist with understanding how participating in a GenNET ITV can be a successful Blended Learning Experience for all!

Click for 2016-17 Planning Timeline and Course Info

The course-process timeline, course suggestions and course requests forms can be accessed by clicking above.

Blended Learning Sending Site Options for GenNET Districts

A sending site district is able to include up to ten (10) students in its ITV classroom and send to up to three (3) additional sites with 6-8 students at each site. Sending sites provide textbooks and materials for students at receiving sites just like they would for students in a traditional classroom.

This blended learning option is a win-win for local districts sending courses. Tuition is charged for the daily live interaction with teachers based on rates set since the beginning of the GenNET ITV Program. The fee structure and "what's included" are:

  • $450 per student from the receiving sites, per semester.
  • $475 for students at receiving sites outside of GenNET.
  • No tuition charge for students at sending sites.
  • Technical and instructional support provided by the Genesee ISD.
  • Courier service available at beginning, middle and end of school year
  • All HS sites include upgraded FAX/SCAN/PRINT equipment for ITV instructors, and students to use each day during class.

All students are enrolled in a learning management system (LMS). Having this to accompany each course allows students to stay on track, even when away from the classroom.

For more information about becoming a sending site, contact Technology and Media Services at the Genesee ISD at 591-4436, or email mjenning@geneseeisd.org

Click here for current version 2015-16 ITV Schedule

Click here for the most current schedule of the GenNET ITV HS Course Schedule which now includes student enrollment numbers in classes for the 2015-16 school year, updated September 17, 2015.

Benefits for students enrolled in GenNET ITV Blended Learning Classes

  • Students suggested by their high school counselors are able to take classes not offered at their home school.
  • Motivated students have an opportunity to become independent and collaborative learners, as well be self-directed learners under the guidance of their GenNET Teacher who they interact with every day.
  • High school students can also take higher education courses offered by Flint-Area colleges and universities.
  • Students throughout the state can share the experience of highly qualified, fully certified teachers and college-level instructors.
  • ITV courses are the perfect blend with the use of a learning management system which also qualifies for student as an "online learning experience" credit for graduation.
  • Students experience first-hand new communication techniques to qualify them for future employment.
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with and make new friends and colleagues throughout the State of Michigan.

How does a high school GenNET ITV class work, and what's it like?

Meet Mrs. Jennifer McKay, American Sign Language (ASL) Teacher at Bentley High School. Mrs. McKay has taught ASL for several years.

She has not only seen students achieve success in her classes, many have gone on to teach ASL or have become professional sign language interpreters in communities across America.

To meet Mrs. McKay and hear about her courses, click here.

GenNET Office Contact Information

The GenNET Office at GISD Technology and Media Services (TMS) works with local high schools to enroll students in courses each year. Contact the GenNET office for questions about this exciting and sustained program for 20 years!
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