Earthquake in Chile

Buildings in Chile break and drop with an earthquake

8.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the Chilean coast

At approximately 8:46 PM on Tuesday as residents in Chile were preparing for bed an 8.2 magnitude earthquake erupted without warning. This earthquake was 6.2 miles

(10 km) below the sea bed. During the course of the natural disaster 6 people were killed, two suffered from heart attacks and four were crushed. During the chaos 300 inmates escaped from a women's prison and only 27 were found and apprehended.

Aftermath of the earthquake

Due to the Severity of the earthquake the Chilean government closed all ports going in and out. The government also issued a tsunami warning for the residents on the South American coast. The city of Iquique evacuated thousands of citizens inland to protect them from a possible incoming tsunami. The precautions taken were regularly used seeing as Chile is one of the most seismically active countries


First day - 17 earthquakes

week - 98 earthquakes

month- 182 earthquake

year- 394 earthquakes