In Ms. Coffey's Classroom

Field Trip for 8th Grade

This week we will be visiting the high school! During our visit to the high school we will be going on a tour of the building and meeting teachers and classmates. The field trip will take place on March 18th and 20th from 8:30-11am. We will be walking up to the high school together and when we are finished we will walk back to the middle school together.

7th Grade News

7th grade has been hard at work this month. They were given projects in history to make a guild at home and then share it with the class, then in English they have been hard at work creating poetry this month. In science they took a deeper look into the eyeball with a dissection! Yuck! Ms. Coffey did not enjoy that dissection! In math the students continue to plug away at fractions and have been introduce to simplifying and adding like fractions. Next month will include a schedule change to Health and more dissections!