November/December Edition

David Legg: Principal

For those of you that are keeping track, yes we missed our October publication of our newsletter. To keep you informed, the next letter will be published January 14th. As we move from a traditional format to an electronic format, it is our intent to reduce the letter from approximately 20 pages to a smaller user friendly electronic version. You will notice that there are hyperlinks throughout the newsletter that allow you to drill down and get more detailed information if you would like. In addition to this newsletter, you may also access our daily announcements directly from this newsletter or from our website. It is important to us that we are meeting your expectations by providing you with information that is useful and timely. Because this format is dynamic and can be easily updated, please feel free to provide feedback or send me an email if you would like to see sections or additional information added to the newsletter.

David Legg, Ed.D

Math Madness

Our Math-lete team is practicing hard for the elimination round of nationwide competitions of Math Madness! Chugiak is one of two teams from Alaska and currently we are ranked 123 of 1000. There are almost 12,000 students participating nationally. One of our students, David Stockhouse is ranked in the top 8% of all participants. Students in the photo are participating in the November 8th competition. From front to back the students are Kyle Bringhurst, PaKou Yang, Megan Ruiz, Samson Sturm, Mariah McCoy, Mariah Johnson, Megan Bear and Alex Culbert.

Our next competition will be Wednesday the 13th of November. If we make it through that elimination then we will compete again on November the 20th.

Tour Guide Training - Open House at KCC

Thursday, Dec. 12th 2013 at 7pm

2650 East Northern Lights Boulevard

Anchorage, AK

One of the best ways to prepare for a career in tourism or the travel industry is on the Alaska Railroad. If you’re already thinking ahead and looking for valuable work skills, join us at our Annual High School Student Tour Guide Training Open House — friends, family, and students are welcome. So climb aboard the Railroad and become a track star. For more information, call Mike Woods at 742-8964.

Strength of Our Youth

Did you know that 86% of teens have been physically active in the last week? Or that 14% of teens have not been physically active in the last week?

Perceptions are the way we look at a subject and make conclusions. In the case of “teenage behaviors,” we can choose to look at the small percentage of “not so good” (the 14%) or we can choose to focus on the positive and the larger percentage of “good behavior.” (The 86%!) This is the case where Chugiak High School's own, Tasha Boyer, has participated in ASD’s recently initiated “Strength of our Youth” campaign. The “Strength of our Youth” campaign focuses on the positive perceptions of our youth and encourages their peers to communicate positively to empower one another. Tasha’s article in Anchorage Daily News gives us a better perspective on the choices our youth are making and how we as parents and the community can support them. See her article in the Anchorage Daily News and visit the Anchorage Youth and Development Coalition’s website to get the whole picture.

Chugiak Science Teacher Wins National Award!

One of Chugiak's science teachers has won a national award recognizing his efforts in teaching Biotechnology at the secondary level. The NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers) will be presenting Aaron Kallas with his award in Atlanta next month.

Click this link and then scroll down to read the article about Mr. Kallas' accomplishments.

Denise Edwards: Assistant Principal - Curriculum

The Curriculum Department is the academic department at Chugiak High School. We provide services that support students and their academic success. From enrollment and registration to end of term grades, the Curriculum Department encompasses a number of areas including: School Counselors, Indian Education Counselor and LEP tutor, Testing and Assessment, Teaching and Learning, Student Academic Progress and Graduation, and Grade Reporting.

Counseling News

Please check out the new Counseling and Guidance webpage on the Anchorage School District website: It contains information on financial aid resources, academics, testing, after high school, resources, forms, APS, NCAA and much more.

Just a reminder to seniors seeking scholarships: Scholarship Portfolio information can be found at the ASD District Counseling webpage at Deadlines for scholarship consideration are quickly approaching. Completed portfolios can be turned in to your counselor.

College Visits to Chugiak High School: Students should listen to the daily announcements for information about which college representatives are scheduled to visit Chugiak High School each week. College Representatives will be available on scheduled days during lunch in the cafeteria to speak with any interested students.

Career Resource Center at Chugiak High School: A counselor will be available in the Career Resource Center on Wednesdays during lunch to speak with students who may wish to access materials or who have questions regarding college or career resources. Students may also contact their counselor regarding any college and career questions they may have.

Save The date

November 12: Honor Awards Assembly

Time: Lunch (10:20-11:00)

Place: Auditorium

Eligibility: Two semesters of 3.5 and above

November 19: The ASVAB will be offered for sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Chugiak on Tuesday, November 19th at 7:15am. Please see Mrs. Jaasma in House 3 to sign up. For more information about the test, go to

December 10: Accuplacer Test

Time: 2pm

Place: Chugiak High School

Group: Priority Group: Juniors. Seniors may also sign up.

December 18 and 19: Semester 1 final exams

December 18: Periods 1,2, 3

December 19: Periods 4, 5, 6

December 20: Winter Break begins for students

January 6: Students return from Winter Break.

First day of Semester 2 classes.

College Preparation

For more information on the ACT, please follow the link www.actstudent .org
To find out more information on the SAT, please follow the link


What an exciting month it has been. We have been very busy lately with events, various teams, promotions, and awards. A few of our big events included the Raiders Cup Decathlon, Homecoming Flag and Sword Detail, WACKO Decathlon, JROTC Cadet Challenge, and the Harvest Moon Ball. Our unit did very well at Raiders Cup Decathlon coming in 2nd Place Overall. Follow the link for our full article: NJROTC Article

Colette Marshall: Assistant Principal- Student Services

At Student Services you arrange to excuse students from absences, arrange for a blue pass, get a form for a pre-acknowledge absence and pick up make-up work for an illness or suspension.

Attendance Line 742-3069 to call in an absence or pre-arrange a blue pass

Jeannie Frey 742-3072 is our Student Services Secretary

News From Student Services

Winter Safety

As the temperatures drop and snow begins, please remind your kids who drive to put an emergency kit in their vehicles. Extra clothing, blankets, beacons, and a flashlight are just a few things to include. Students should also allow extra time to get to school when the roads become icy.


Congratulations to Abigail Schoffmann and Emalie Flodin, our November Students of the Month for Parking. This honor is open to all juniors and seniors who must meet the following criteria:

· Have perfect attendance for the previous month

· Hold a parking permit

· Have no parking tickets

Parking Permits

We pro-rate permits throughout the year. After 1st quarter, the cost is $82.50, after the semester (December 20th) the cost is $55.00, and after 3rd quarter (March 7), the cost is $27.50.


742-3069 is our Attendance Line that you can anytime and leave a message. We check the messages several times a day.

Blue Passes

When you arrange for a blue pass, please have your child pick up the blue pass prior to leaving. If your child will return to school, have he/she check in at the Attendance Office so we can record the time and amend the attendance.

Because of the large volume of blue passes, we are not able to deliver them to students.

Pre-Approved Absence Request

Our new form does not have an area for teachers to record the homework for the days missed. So please ensure your child checks with his/her teachers to get the homework prior to leaving.

18-Year Olds

Students who turn 18 can excuse themselves from school, sign permission forms, and change who receive the attendance calls. We inform students that this is a privilege that should not be abused. If you have concerns, please contact Mrs. Frey at 742-3072 or Colette Marshall at 742-3071.

WIN this jeep!!!

Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge will give away a new vehicle to a high school student with perfect attendance. Secondary prizes, including round-trip airline tickets provided by GCI, will be awarded to students with near-perfect attendance. Download the flier for details and terms and conditions

Complete Anchorage School district attendance policy

Click Here for more information regarding our ASD's new attendance policy

New ASD/CHS Attendance proceedures

  • Click here for a Pre-Approved Absence request for extenuating circumstances
  • Parents can call in (742-3069) to excuse an absence or arrange a blue pass. Please provide a reason for the absence
  • Parents have a three-day window to excuse absences
  • Students who are returning to school need to check in at the Attendance Office so we can record their return time
  • Illness, death or serious illness in immediate family, attendance at religious service, or extenuating circumstances approved by principal all constitute an excused absence
  • Tardies are recorded to indicate that students were not in the classroom when the class began. Students who are tardy for extenuating circumstances will be exempt from consequences as determined by the administration

Co - Students of the month

dedicated parking for student of the month

Students who are selected for this honor will have dedicated parking for the month. A dedicated spot is reserved in the staff parking area for these students.

Students with perfect attendance, no discipline referrals and who are nominated will be considered for Student of the Month.

Miscellaneous Student Services Information

  • Please refrain from sending flowers, candy, and other gifts.
  • Parking paperwork is available in the Attendance Office and no longer needs to be signed in our presence; however, it does require a parent signature.

Josh Green: Assistant Principal- Activities

The Activities Office is where the fun stuff happens at Chugiak High School:

  • Sign up for sports
  • Get involved with Student Government
  • Join or start up a club
  • Try out for a play
  • Buy a ticket to a dance/prom
  • Buy spiritwear
  • Purchase an activity sticker
  • Look into extracurricular activity--

Activities is where you need to go!

Looking for more information regarding CHS activities?

Please visit our new on-line calendar for regular updates.

Save The Date

November 14,15 & 16. - State Volleyball at Chugiak High School

November 21, 22 & 23 - All State Music at Bartlett High School

December 2nd - Start of Basketball Season First Day of Practice.

December 3rd - Winter Band Concert.

December 5th - Winter Orchestra Concert.

December 13th - Winter Choir Concert.

December 19, 20 & 21 - JV & C Boys & Girls Basketball Tournament @ Chugiak High School

Communications Survey

The district is conducting a communications survey to parents and members of the community. ASD hopes to better gauge how the community likes to receive information and to improve communications with parents and the community.

The electronic survey is available through this link: Communications survey

Teacher/Administrator Evaluation Survey

The ASD Evaluation System is a reflection of the Anchorage School District mission to “educate all students for success in life.” Students, parents, community members and school staff are given the opportunity to provide information about teacher and administrator performance.

The two forms currently available are the Performance Evaluation Input Form on a Teacher and the Performance Evaluation Input Form on an Administrator (whether they are site administrators or central office administrators). If you would like to complete an Evaluation Input Form you have three options:

Employees can complete the web-based Evaluation Input Forms anonymously by going to the District Connection at You will find links to either Evaluation Input Form (teacher or administrator) under the Announcements section.

Members of the public and employees not wishing to remain anonymous can complete the Web-based Evaluation Input Form by going to either the Parents or Community portal pages on the District’s website: or Links to both Evaluation Input Forms are available under the “Feedback & Questions” heading.

Web-based Evaluation Input Forms will be transmitted electronically by the Human Resources Department (Ginger Moser, HR Specialist) to the appropriate supervisor.

For those who wish to print a hard copy of the form, PDF versions can be found in the Forms & Publications Library on either of the District’s websites by searching for “Performance Evaluation Input.”

School sites will also have ‘hard copies’ of the forms for parents and employees who do not have access to a computer. Each school will determine a location for the form (most likely the main office). Hard copies will be kept confidential and routed by the school to the immediate supervisor.

Activity Survey

2013 Activity & Athletic Interest Survey – Grades 4 - 12 only

The 2013 Activity & Athletic Interest Student Survey is being done to provide schools with information about student interests in athletics. This is an annual survey implemented and analyzed jointly by the ASD departments of Equal Employment Opportunity, Secondary Education, Elementary Education, and Assessment and Evaluation. This survey is a tool for understanding what interests our students have and how we can better serve their interests, while also meeting the federal requirements for Title IX. The survey will take place in computer labs at your child’s school between October 7 and November 15 of 2013.

This survey does not require parental permission and will be administered to all students in grades 4 - 12. This message serves as a notice to parents about this upcoming survey.

The questions contained in the student questionnaire ask about student interest in activities and athletics.

Please follow or type this link to review the survey:

Would you like to sign up or know if you are eligible to participate in an activity?

  • ASD sports/activities schedules and start/ending dates along with sign up paperwork can be found at
  • Information involving the Alaska Schools Activities Association (ASAA) the governing body for Alaska high school sports can be found at


The CHS Yearbook staff encourages you to visit the Yearbook page of the CHS website to find the most recent information about: ordering your yearbook, submitting senior portraits, ordering senior ad pages, and contributing your pictures for use in the 2014 yearbook.

School Business Partners

Chugiak High School would like to thank all of our Business Partners for their help with our students and staff throughout the year. Please Click here to see a complete list of our current partners. Our partners help us in the classroom with guest presentations, discounts and/or donations at their businesses, opportunities at their businesses, including mentorships and job shadowing, and service projects. Many partners give mock interviews to our student body to practice their interviewing skills for job searches. We want to take this opportunity to recognize all of our current school business partners. The Mustangs thank you for supporting a wide variety of school programs and activities from the tri-annual Most Improved Student Luncheon to our scholarship programs and financial aid evenings for seniors and their parents. Thank you!