Make this world better by recycling

By : Trace Hoover

Start making recycling a bigger deal in your school

Make your school go green !

  • Get permission to speak on the intercom
  • Motivate people to start recycling more maybe offer an award for whoever has the greenest classroom
  • Now after you've done some of this , start a club or community group outside of school make it a bigger deal
  • Let the group grow and proceed to get farther into your goal
  • Then get it out even more motivate people around the city maybe put out flyers get it out there
  • Now you let the magic happen to get to the start of a greener earth

Get it out there

I , myself motivate you to get out there take risks and create something incredible make recycling a bigger deal in your community.Now get it done , stop dreaming about it and get it out there

Please just spread the word .

Trust me te bigger deal you make the bigger difference the world makes