The DeLaPaz Dazzler

May 13, 2006

Important Dates

May 17th- Fun Run- Wear your shirts

June 1st- Field Day- Wear the color Blue!

June 2nd- Rain Date for field day- if needed

June 3rd- Last day of school with pizza party!

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End of year celebration

On June 3rd we will be having an end of year celebration. The whole third grade will be hosting a pizza party for the kids. They will get 2 slices of Little Ceasar's pizza, a side (like chips), and a treat. The kids will need to bring in a drink and any other food they may need if this isn't enough. The cost of the meal is $2.00. Please have this to me by May 26th.

Weekly News

This week was an exciting week with our field trip. The field trip was a great time even in the rain. Thank you to Mrs. Dassie and Mrs. Ferrara for coming with and all the pictures!

This week we read a story that combined two cultures and how the cultures are represented through food. We also did two writing prompts with the story. The students are doing a great job with finding evidence to support their answers. We are also getting ready to test our robots. The students started adding modifications for the save. They are very creative!


In art this week we did our clay owls. In class Ms.Davis showed us how to do it. First you take a ball of clay and flatten in out. Next, you use a tracer and cut it out into a oval shape. After that, you take your finger and at the top of the owl you push it down and then shape your ears.

Next you scratch the eyes and beak. Finally, you use your stick and make fun decorations on it! All of them looked so awesome and pretty when we done! Ms.Davis next has to put them in the kiln and “fire them” so we can paint them probably next week! Art was really exciting this week especially because we were doing clay! By: Ashley


Music with Mrs.Crowe

I music class we played this that you had to tape a instrument on our back and we had to give the person some clues of what the instrument is like-It has strings on it,you have to blow into it,it has valves on it.Those were some examples.We also played bingo but instead it was about instruments.Guess what the reward was????It was a pencil without a design or not.I did not look that carefully:)



In pe we did are mile run in the mile run your goal is to get in first place to finish. You have to run around the bus lot 4 times. And we played treasure hunt which is you run 1 lap then get a thing. christo


Reading this week

In reading this week we do our haiku assignments and we have groups and Mrs.Delapaz meets with us.And if we finish our haiku assignments then we can read or we can do spelling city our we can write a friendly letter to someone in the class or to our mom and dad :)

And we just work on stuff and other thing we do is

Kidblog it is where are class can blog about stuff and about our day and how it is going. By: Kassidy

Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

This week in math me studied for ar test.We also got are study guides.We took are math tests this week.We are working on measuring unit this week. By: Daniel

Math- Mrs. Busky

In math we were doing our study guid on monday and we did not have math on tuesday because of the field trip. On wednesday we went over what we were going to do on the test. On thursday we took our test and once we were done we did plotting points and then front row and prodigy.

That is all we did this week, I know that we did not do much but we were studying and going on a field trip.

By: Aidan


This week we worked on our vex kits,the vex kits are robotic things that can pick up certain type of blocks.which we are close to finishing them. They are very fun to build. We can be creative with them and build things to save an animal. (a plastic animal if you were wondering.) we also got to drive them and ours is a complete success.



In writing this week we are doing poems we did a quatrain poem it is like we have to rhyme every other line so it is like a abab poem it is really easy but I did a sun.Then we did a poem it is called a clerihew poem you have to rhyme every other line it is a aabb.We did a color poem too it is real easy to do you have to right about summer and the you have to think of a color that remind you of summer and then write about it,.

By mattie

Music News from Mrs. Crowe

If you hear strains of "Fifty Nifty United States" around your house this week it's because we worked on memorizing the song in music class! We particularly focused on correcting some of the things our friends have taught us when they sing it on the bus (contrary to popular belief, "Banana" is not a state.) :) Next week we will be taking our last singing test of the year and preparing for our Instruments of the Orchestra test! There are resources on Mrs. Crowe's Haiku page for students who want to prepare for the instrument test.