Caesar, Beware

What Will the Future Hold?

An Anonymous Outcry

This morning, the great Julius Caesar had been walking past the citizens in Rome, preparing for a ceremony that may declare him King. As he was followed by close friends, reports say a man had called out "Caesar!" nearby, and had warned him of "The Ides of March". The fearless Caesar ignored the man's heeded warning, continuing on towards the ceremony. Many do not know what this means, and neither does Caesar himself.

While speaking to Caesar, we discovered that he pushed the warning aside and said, "He's just a dreamer." So the real question is, what lies ahead for our leader? Will there be negative consequences to come, or is it just a minor scare?

Worst Storm in Ages

Are the Gods Angry?

After the ceremony for Julius Caesar, the city of Rome has encountered one of the most wretched and disastrous storms on record. The calls of raptors and the wicked crack of crooked light and roaring of the gods have been heard. It looks like Rome is in trouble... if we as a country are doing wrong at this very moment. Must we look up to Caesar as a god? Will he be the survival of our beloved city? What does this foretell of the future?

Us Romans will still prevail, keeping the country intact and as great as it was when it was built. Our great leader will lead us through! Hail, Caesar!