Monday Morning Bearcub Brief

Volume LXXXIII--3 December 2018

"Every CUB stepping up, reaching out, moving forward!"

Kleb Kudos

Welcome to December, Bearcubs! Although with highs in the 60's and 70's as of late, it doesn't yet quite have that festive feel. However, there's no denying that we are in the home stretch of the first semester. With semester exams, holiday concerts and tours, and an early release day just around the corner, the year's end is almost here. Since we have arrived in the wintry season of celebration, let's take a look at some amazing things happening on campus:
This week's first kudos goes out to Jacee Skillcorn. Culture4Caring, a student-led & student-created club that spreads kindness throughout the district, awarded their first round of Culture4Caring Kindness Awards. Jacee Skillicorn, an 8th grader here at Kleb, was awarded one of the first three kindness awards for always displaying a sense of optimism, hopefulness, and modeling each day what it means to be a Bearcub. Jacee, we are so proud of you!

My second kudos goes to all 400+ Bearcubs that joined us at the Cookies and Milk Party to celebrate receiving their blue and gold Bearcub bands on campus. Great job Bearcubs and remember to keep Stepping Up, Reaching Out, and Moving Forward! Also, a shout out to our wonderful PTO who sponsored this party! We appreciate all you do!

My final kudos of the week goes Ms. Lammers, Ms. Watson, Ms. Sharp, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Layton, Ms. McDaniel, Ms. DeMoss, and Ms. Blanchard for writing and receiving a $6,200 education grant sponsored by InvesTex Credit Union for our school! The grant will provide resources to fund their passion project, which will allow teachers to collaborate and work with our students on projects they would not normally be able to take part in, like paleontology! Amazing job, ladies!

Cubs of the Week

Huggins Highlights

Staff, the winter holiday celebration season has begun! Please refer to the email from Amanda Hodge to find out about all the winter holiday treats that are in store over the next few weeks. Additionally, remember we have now started our "12 days of jeans"--which is actually 13.5 days this year due to the longer span between breaks--and you can participate by wearing jeans with your winter/holiday shirt or spirit shirt from now until the winter break.

As you are planning for the upcoming three weeks, here are a couple of save the dates to keep in mind:

Wednesday, December 5th is the campus spelling bee. Spelling bee winners will be out for 1-2 periods depending on how long the contest runs.

Friday, December 7th-End of PR4

Friday, December 14th will be the annual Choir/Band/Orchestra elementary tours, so anticipate your Bearcub musicians to be out for most of the day this day.

Thursday, December 20th is an early release day! The official release time will be 1:25pm. On Thursday, we will have no den, so please plan on students coming directly to your 5th period class. Quarter 2 grades are due on this day!

Staff and parents: Final exams are just around the corner! Here is the exam schedule for your reference:

Tuesday, Dec. 11: DDMP (part 1), TSDE (part 1), Prin. Info Tech (part 1)

Wednesday, Dec. 12: DDMP (part 2), TSDE (part 2), Prin. Info Tech (part 2)

Thursday, Dec. 13: Art 1, PHS, Gateway to Technology

Friday, Dec. 14: NO EXAMS

Monday, Dec. 17: Prof. Comm., PATH

Tuesday, Dec. 18: Spanish I & II (part 1), Algebra/Geometry (part 1), Health (part 1)

Wednesday, Dec. 19: Spanish I & II (part 2), Algebra/Geometry (part 2), Health (part 2)

Finally, a few "save the dates" for next semester:

Wednesday, January 16th--8th Grade HS campus visits--8th grade teachers anticipate taking students on campus tours during the day

Thursday, January 17th--Spring Open House

Thursday, January 24th--5th Grade Campus visits (for those who are new, anticipate having students out who are presenting on behalf of fine arts).

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Kleb CUB Award of the Week

Coach Waddy

I am nominating Coach Waddy for leadership and building responsibility because Coach Waddy raises the bar for ALL Bearcubs! He sets high expectations for his student athletes to rise to and positively impacts everyone he works with. Coach Waddy is relationship driven, fun spirited, and goal oriented! He does right by kids EVERY DAY and makes me proud to be a Bearcub.

From Ms. Watson

From the PTO President

Hi parents! We have some upcoming items we’d like you to know about:

1) MEMORY BOOKS are on sale! Don’t forget to order your 2018-19 Kleb Memory book today by visiting The price is only $25 but will increase to $30 after December 31, 2018. The number of memory books is limited so make sure you place your order as soon as possible.

Also, parents of an 8th grade students have the the opportunity to purchase an ad in the memory book as a way to dedicate special wishes for their student. 8th grade ads may be purchased and designed on Prices vary based on size, and space is limited.

If you have any questions, please contact PTO Representative, Theresa Berend, at or 817-223-0855.

2) VOLUNTEERS: We still need a few people to help out THIS WEEK for Vision/Hearing Screening. Shifts are available Tuesday PM and morning and afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday. Please help out when you can!

If you are not receiving the volunteer emails, you can log on to Cervis to update your selected schools and preferences: or, Community, How do I Volunteer, Volunteer CERVIS Login. You can also send us a message through our PTO Remind if you need help.

3) Staying in touch: Text ‘KLEBPT’ (no “o”) to @81010 to join our Remind group, and send in your $10 membership to get your car decal and be added to our email list! We have been delayed, but are planning to send out our first vote via email this week. Looking forward to hearing your responses and feedback Our next general meeting will be at the Open House in January. Thanks for supporting Kleb PTO!

--Thanks! Rebecca

Mrs. Amanda Rivera- Social Studies Teacher

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Comparison is the death of all joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday. - Rachel Hollis

Where did you grow up?

Waller, TX

How many years have you been in education?


Where did you go to school?

Texas A&M University and the University of St. Thomas

What was your first job?

Working as a hostess in the local Mexican food restaurant of my hometown.

What is your favorite family tradition?

Attending Midnight Mass as a family.

What is one thing that you wish everyone knew about you that they probably don't?

I am more sensitive than I come across as being.

If you could switch places with any one person for a day, who would it be, and why?

Someone in the medical field because they have the opportunity to save lives and/or improve someone's health.

What are three things that are on your bucket list?

Road trip across the US, skydive, and visit Scotland and Ireland.

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Attendance Counts

Did you know you can now report an absence in Skyward? Click HERE for more information.

Any student who is absent for the whole day is required to produce one of the following within 5 days of their absence(s):

  • Parent Note
  • Parent email (within 5 days of absence)
  • Original medical note (copies or altered notes will not be accepted)
  • Faxed notes must be sent from physician’s office
  • Court note
  • Official note for observance of approved religious holy days

***If a student is absent for part of the day for a doctor appointment, their absence will be coded as Section 25 (temporary absence) if the student follows the following procedure: The student must return the doctor excuse to the Attendance Office immediately upon returning to school to receive the Section 25 coding for their absence.

If a student does not produce one of the items listed above within the allotted timeframe, that absence will be considered unexcused and counted toward their total semester absences.

Klein ISD takes attendance very seriously, and we want to see your child succeed at Kleb. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please feel free to contact the attendance office or your assistant principal.

Additional attendance information can be found starting on page 27 of the handbook.

Attendance Information in the Klein Handbook

This Year's School Calendar

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Have a great week, Bearcubs!

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