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forensics science technician

What do they do?

Forensics science technicians investigate crimes by collescting and analyzing physical evidence. They usually test weopons, glass shards, finger prints, bodies, and bodily fluids. They get to collect evidence from crime scenes.

education/pearsonality needed:

To become a Forensics science technician, you need to have a bachelors degree, on-the-job-training, as many high school math/science classes as possible, comunication skills, computer skills, analyctic thinking, and an eye for detail.

companies that hire, and average pay:

usualy they pay about $52,180 per year, and some companies that hire are Las Vegas Metropolitan police department, United States Federal Government, Ventura county sheriffs department, technical services berou, and Forensics science laboratory. Forensics science technicians are required to have a project job growth rate of 14%- 20%.

how do they benefit the society?

Forensics science technicians collect evidence from crime scenes to find out who commited the crime, report it to the police, who then catch and punish the criminal.
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