CGIS Friday Flight Plan

October 15, 2021

  • Monday, October 18th - 4th Grade Green House Field Study at Fort Loudoun
  • Monday, October 18th - 4th & 5th Grade Basketball Game at Home vs. MRIS - Girls' Game starts at 6:00 pm and Boys' Game starts at 7:00 pm

  • Tuesday, October 19th - 4th Grade Navy House Field Study at Fort Loudoun

  • Wednesday, October 20th - Liaison Meeting from 2:45 - 3:45 pm in Room 1078

  • Thursday, October 21st - 4th Grade Blue House Field Study at Fort Loudoun

  • Friday, October 22nd - Grade Cards will be emailed out today

All CGIS events can be accessed via our school website!

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The Maryville High School Student Council is asking every school in MCS to join us in our annual can drive. We began collecting cans on October 13th. Please make sure you deliver your donated cans by October 22nd.

Simply bring canned foods to school any day during the food drive and place them on the day listed on the stage in Town Square at the beginning of the school day.

Thank you for helping us raise funds and cans for our local community!

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Yearbooks are on sale!

2021 Price: $35.00

2022 Price: $37.00


  • Cash or Check written to CGIS - Please return the bottom portion of the order form along with payment to your child's homeroom teacher.


  • Enjoy the the easy of a paperless order placement by using this link:

Yearbook Online Order Link

Yearbooks are a timeless way to keep record of the faces inside the place you call your school home. This year's THE HAWK WAY is one you won't want to miss adding to your forever library.

This year's 2021-22 yearbook staff will be busily curating Coulter Grove at its finest!

Celebrate your legacy and order THE HAWK WAY today!

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What does it mean to Self-Direct?

Self-Direction is the ability and learned skill to cast a vision of future goals and then take intentional steps toward who, where, and what we want to be. Instead of focusing on things to control or avoid we emphasize our responsibility to make positive choices related to our emotions, attitudes, and actions.

Why focus on Self-Direction?

  • Self-direction strengthens relationships. Self-direction helps to grow social skills and develop meaningful , positive relationships with others.
  • Self-direction teaches personal responsibility. Learning to self-direct teaches students to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Self-direction helps us to regulate emotions. Self-direction empowers students to regulate their impulses and emotional responses and circumstances in their life.

Self-Direction in Action

  • Practice goal setting and action planning. When we establish goals and develop action plans, we learn to take intentional steps to successfully achieve goals.
  • Monitor and adjust. Provide students with regular feedback and opportunities to self-access progress toward goals to make adjustments and improvements to their behaviors.
  • Reflect and evaluate. Facilitate discussions and reflection to prompt students to examine what they do, think, and say against their goals and vision for their life and learning.

A Note from Officer Hall

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CGIS Coronavirus Weekly Update

We have made the decision at CGIS to provide information below weekly so each family can know our school wide status and can make the best informed decisions for your children/students as we move through the school year. It is our hope to be transparent with the information we have but at the same time, prioritize our students' need to be educated, connect with one another and support their social and emotional needs as well as depend upon health care providers for health care decisions of staff and students. For more information, refer to MCS District COVID update at the following link:

Here is the schoolwide information specific to CGIS for this week:

· Number of reported positive student cases in school at CGIS this week that impacted school attendance of other CGIS students and staff due to close contact tracing (outside of household contacts) - 0

· Number of positive staff cases at CGIS this week that impacted school attendance of other students or staff due to close contact tracing- 0

Clusters identified this week:


We are grateful for your support and will certainly be responsive and include more information if there are identified clusters or upticks in our cases at CGIS.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Ramona Best, Principal

Dr. Best's Launch into the weekend

We are looking forward to a bright and shining quarter 2 together!

In this House… We believe that we will SOAR.


We are committed. We have integrity. We show perseverance.

We strive for excellence. We give effort.

We are determined. We are courageous.

We are leaders.


Because, we are the Hawks and we SOAR.

We are Maryville.


Go into the world and share our shine!