Fun and Adventure for a job!

Love animals? So do we!

Zoologists are wildlife biologist who observe animals physiology, behavior, classification, and other characteristics. We also travel to places around the world, including many conservation parks, to study animals and learn much more about them. But, in this job, you must be willing to be patient with the animals and be fit to catch up to them.

Some of the best Zoology colleges in America.

What do we need to become a zoologist and how much do they pay?

All you need is a Bachelor's degree in zoology and you are set. Any degree higher allows more salary and more travels.

The average salary of a zoologist is between $30,000-$80,000. The salary is dependent on years worked, education degree, and job within zoology (i.e. data organizer for animal presence in an area).

Our projected job outlook is at 5% between 2012-2022