The Death of the Hawaiian Monarchy

The Annexation of Hawaii


The overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy on January 17, 1893 would not be possible without the role Minister John L. Stevens, President Benjamin Harrison and President William McKinley played.

Historical Significance

The overthrow of Hawaii was possible due to the actions of Minister John L. Stevens, President Benjamin Harrison and President William McKinley. The annexation of Hawaii is the most important topic in Hawaiian and American history because throughout Kamehameha I reign to Queen Liliuokalani's reign, Hawaii became more civilized, up to the point it became a state. All the things that led to the annexation of Hawaii impacted the government and political, Economic, social and land history of Hawaii which changed the lives of its people. The long term significance of the annexation of Hawaii was that Hawaii ended up becoming the 50th State of the United States. Until today, there are still those who believe that Hawaii was taken over unlawfully and must be returned to its original owners.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully A State Of The Union ?

Overall after studying the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the union because the Kingdom was taken over in an illegal way. According to the text, McKinley proposed to the idea of a Joint Resolution. This Resolution was only applied to the country not on foreign land, therefore Hawaii wasn't supposed to be affected by whatever the U.S. government decided. But in this case Hawaii was affected and became a state. There was also the Bayonet constitution that forcibly took away the power of the Hawaiians had the Hawaiian Monarchy have limited power. Based on these information alone foreigners were taking away the rights of Hawaiians who were the ones who owned the land and lived on it for many years, in an illegal way.
Tense Anniversary For Overthrow Of Hawaiian Kingdom

Tense Anniversary For Overthrow Of Hawaiian Kingdom Video

The video above is about the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom after 122 years. Based on the video there are still many Hawaiians who are devastated by the lost of the monarchy. To celebrate the anniversary of the overthrow is a very sensitive topic in many Hawaiian citizens today
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The Lowering of the Hawaiian Flag

The picture above was taken during August 12, 1898 where American soldiers are lowering the Hawaiian flag and is going to raise the American flag although it is not shown here at Iolani Palace.