Ancient Egypt

By dafar zamil


There were many pharaohs that had rules in Egypt, and all of them were trying to leave an eternal legacy.pharaohs were like king or queen of the Egypt.most of the pharaohs were men but some of the famous pharaohs,like Nefertiti and cleopatra,were women.

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The pyramids are tomb of kings and queens of Egypt. The first pyramid was built in Egypt for the king zoser (djoser) before 2650 bc. The step pyramid is basically five mastabas. Most pyramids were built on the western side of the "Nile river" .

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Egypt is a very hot country and people alway wore lightweight clothes which kept them always cool.we can see that they were wearing from many paintings and also sculptures they left behind them. The children went completly around naked, when they are 6 years old they start to wear clothes.


1.the shape of egypts pyramids is thought that it maybe came by the suns spreading.

The Egyptians flag is very alike to irak',syria's and yemen's flag.pyramids were not built by slaves.

2.the pharaohs names.

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4.the description because its much to write .

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