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October 2019- Dallas ISD Substitute Employee Newsletter

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In compliance with state and federal laws, Dallas ISD requires that all employees complete an Annual Policy and Compliance Acknowledgement at the beginning of every school year.

Human Capital Management requests that supervisors verify that all their direct reports comply with the acknowledgement requirements by the deadline, October 31.

Using their EAD username and password, employees will log into the Annual Policy and Compliance Acknowledgement application at to acknowledge the following:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Annual Employee Notification of District Policies
  • Conflict of Interest Notice
  • State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) Reporting Notice
  • Confidentiality Requirements

Upon completion, a receipt will be sent to the employee’s District email.
For more information about the annual acknowledgement process, please visit or send an email to

Human Capital Management - Substitute Staffing Team

Cynthia Lule, Substitute Staffing Specialist

· Major Responsibilities: Creating Substitute Profiles

· Email:

· Phone: (972) 925-4082

Lamar Dinkins, Substitute Staffing Specialist

· Major Responsibilities: Creating Substitute Profiles

· Email:

· Phone: (972) 925-4363

Sandra Piper, Substitute Coordinator

· Major Responsibilities: Absence Management, Substitute Communication, AABS Reporting

· Email:

· Phone: (972) 925-4361

Brandy Nealy, Substitute Facilitator

· Major Responsibilities: Substitute Training, Materials & Resources Policy, TWC & Reviews Incident Reports

· Email:

· Phone: (972) 925-5734

Shenise Tyler, Substitute Staffing Manager

· Major Responsibilities: Substitute Office Policy, Project, Work & Substitute Supervisor

· Email:

· Phone: (972) 925-4208

Contact us at

Thank you for serving as a substitute teacher with the Dallas Independent School District!

Thank you for your outstanding commitment to accepting assignments to ensure each classroom. Your commitment to being an active substitute supports the district with accomplishing one of our keys goals which is to ensure all classes are covered in the absence of a teacher.

Thank you very much and please keep up the good work!

Dallas ISD Substitute Office


All substitutes must accept 5 assignments a month in order to remain active in the substitute pool!

Click the link below to log into Absence Management to accept assignments!

Absence Management Website


Elementary Schools

  • Douglass Elementary
  • Ervin Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Elementary
  • San Jacinto Elementary
  • Thornton Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Brown Middle School
  • Dade Middle School
  • Medrano Middle School
  • Piedmont Global Academy
  • Rusk Middle School
  • Atwell Law Academy
  • Kennedy Curry Middle School
High Schools
  • Lincoln High/Magnet School
  • Madison High School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Samuell High School
  • Spruce High School


"Substitute [teachers] will be compensated an additional $10.00/DAY for [full day assignments] at an ACE Campus."

Elementary Schools

  • Chavez Elementary School (N. Dallas)
  • Dunbar Elementary School (Madison)
  • Hotchkiss Elementary School (Conrad)
  • King Elementary School (Madison)
  • Maple Lawn Elementary School ( N. Dallas)
  • Rhoads Elementary School (Lincoln)
  • Pease Elementary School (SOC)

Dallas ISD Launches New Application System Oct. 1

On Oct. 1, Dallas ISD will replace AppliTrack with the Talent Management System (TMS). TMS can match candidates who upload their resume with potential jobs, notify them when new jobs are posted, and, through the Watson Assistant, answer general questions about the district and position. TMS will also make it easier for district officials to identify and select the top candidate for a position.

Please click the link below for more information!

Dallas ISD New Job Application System

Dallas ISD Fair Days

Elementary campuses will be closed Friday, October 11th.

Secondary campuses will be closed Friday, October 18th.

Important Pay Information

Substitute teachers are compensated an additional $5.00/DAY on Monday's and an additional $10.00/DAY on Friday's.

Dallas ISD Substitute Pay Schedule

2019-2020 Substitutes Biweekly Pay Periods and Pay Dates

Dallas ISD Compensation Handbook

2019-2020 Compensation Resource Handbook


By now some of our substitutes have been presented with the option of taking a long term assignment or have experienced a long term assignment. One of the most common issues that our substitutes face with being in any assignment especially a long term assignment is classroom presence and motivation. Classroom presence and motivation is key to aiding in the accomplishment of maintaining classroom management. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Stick with a Routine

Not having a set of routines or parameters will cause chaos. Students of any age or grade need structure and routine to manage their day.

2. Voice Variation

Use a firm voice to grab student’s attention. Speak with authority and intention whenever giving direction or correction. Speaking with authority does not mean yelling.

3. Remain Mindful of your Body Language

Stand tall, relaxed, make eye contact, and smile. A simple smile can change the projection of the day and the perception that students have of your willingness to help them.

4. Plan

If there is an assignment, project, field trip, program, even lunch you must plan. Think of all possible materials or even steps that you can door take to eliminate chaos and confusion.

5. Make time for Reflection

Allow students time to reflect on the activity and their learning. Also set aside time for you reflect about how a lesson or activity went. Note and make necessary adjustments such as time, implementation, preparedness, and instructions given to students.

6. Celebrate

Think about the success of the students and the movement of learning goals and outcomes.


The Substitute Office would like to remind all substitute employees that it is district policy to clock in AND out. To ensure proper information transition to your time cards. While rare, if you are unable to clock in using the biometric clock, be sure to inform the campus Office mManager.
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Click the link below for Oracle & EAD setup and reset instructions!

Technology Setup Instructions