No Country For Old Men

Blog by Jacob Lacasse

In honest my opinion this a very intense book that will always want to keep you watching, I really like the book because of all the action that goes on like when Moss goes back to help that Mexican man that needs water but when he gets there people begin to shoot at him and he runs away, from there you know that there is going to be a really intense story ahead of you. The things that I didn’t enjoy so much about this was whenever Bell would start talking about how stuff was like in the old days, I just thought that it was boring and I wanted to get back into the action where Chigurh was chasing after Moss. Also I thought that the ending was boring because the whole entire book was about Chigurh chasing Moss and the ending was just Bell having a dream.

Whenever Moss died I wasn’t all that impressed by the way that he did, I thought that they were going to make it something at the end where it was really tense but he end up dying so early. The end of the book didn’t really have anything intense to it because all it was was Bell quitting his job and Carla getting shot. I usually like in the end when stuff goes right but in the end all of the good characters except for Bell end up dying and Chigurh ends up getting away with the brief case with no sign of him left behind because some kids ended up taking his gun.

My favorite character would probably have to be Chigurh because he brings all the interest to the book by being ruthless, he will just go around and shoot some innocent people and sometimes do something different like flipping a coin and if they guess wrong then he will shoot them. The scene that I liked the most is when Chigurh shows up at Carla’s house and says he is going to kill her and you think something intense is going to happen but Chigurh pull out a coin and tell her to call and it and unfortunately Carla ends up guessing wrong and Chigurh and up shooting her.

One of the themes for No Country for Old Men is apocalyptic. I think this theme is accurate because there is so many people dying over and over again and they aren’t able to catch and stop Bell talks about how much crime there is these days and how back in the day there was not nearly as much and he thinks that if they aren’t stopping these criminals eventually there will be too many. I think a good symbol would be the brief case, it would be a symbol of victory because whoever ends up keeping the case wins the battle. Another symbol I think would be the coin, it’s a symbol of living because if you end up guess the flip wrong you will end up dying.