Road Safety

Slow down - before your life comes to a complete stop...

Slow and steady wins the race!

LOOK RIGHT! LOOK LEFT! THEN CROSS THE ROAD! In 24 hours, 4800 people in Australia will be part of a road crash - 550 injured and 4 dead. We want your experience walking to and from school, biking or running to be the best it can be but you have to take it slow and watch out for others.

Keep death off the road!

Here are some of the facts and stats:


Q:Others say that it is dangerous to be on your phone with earphones in while crossing a road. Why?

A:It is dangerous as with earphones in and music playing, you would not be able to hear incoming cars. If you are on your phone and texting, crossing the road is a danger as you do not know if there is a car that has stopped or is still speeding without you knowing.

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Don't drink and drive!

Even though you may not be able to drive yet, if you are worried that a family member or the person who is driving you is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, SPEAK UP AND SAY NO!!! Why?? This would save your life as 1 in 5 car crashes are done by people under the influence of alcohol. THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.