Galileo Galilei



An astronomer,mathematician

Feb 15,1564- born in Pisa, Italy

In the 1570s, he and his family moved to Florence.

At age 17, he began to study medicine.

1642- died in his home


Invented the pump- device that raised water using one horse

Invented the hydrostatic balance

Discovered 4 satellites of Jupiter

Verified the phases of Venus

Discovered sunspots

Proved Copernicus' theory

Proved that all objects regardless of density fall at the same rate

Interesting Facts

His family wasn't rich, but Galileo wanted to learn, so as a young boy he had a private teacher.

In 1607, he published his first book about compasses he invented.

What he discovered about the moons of Jupiter helped sailors navigate the seas.

Impact on Today

He invented the telescope that could magnify objects 3x and later that year, 20x.

He invented the thermoscope (original thermometer).

He also invented the geometric and military compass.

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