Paranormal Creatures

What are ghosts?

Ghosts are Paranormal Creatures that send messages through "haunting". Haunting is when something appears frequently as a spirit or ghost and scares a person. There as been many times when ghosts have appeared in photos. For whatever reason ghosts are paranormal creatures that hang around a place they had roots in in the past. Ghosts have different names such as: Spectre, Phantom, Apparition, Spirit, Spook, or a Haunt.

What makes a ghost mythological?

3 out of every 4 humans believe in ghosts. However, for the lack of physical evidence, some do not believe they are real and there is no scientific explanation that makes sense as to why people are haunted. Some scientists say it's a way your brain hallucinates after terrifying events such as surviving a tornado or watching a scary movie. There are many accounts where people have moved into a new home only to experience visits from ghosts. These visits have disturbed the home owners so much that they choose to move away.

What do ghosts do?

Ghosts have been known to physically harm people. One particular story had a ghost who visited a young girl in her room at night and left cuts on her arms that could not be explained. This same ghost also attacked the young girl's mom by trying to strangle her. Many time victims of ghosts are usually people that somehow stepped into the past of the dead persons life. One example of this is when someone has died in a house, the next person that buys the house could possibly be haunted by the ghost of the person that died. This does not mean that every time that someone dies in a home that their spirit will haunt you. There will always be an argument about whether or not ghosts are real. What do you believe?